Monday, March 28, 2011

Katie Holmes' Fashion In The Kennedys

March 28, 2011
Last night Teddy took in the new miniseries The Kennedys which Fopsie had given to her in early screener DVD format. The series airs on the Reelz Channel next week.
Teddy noticed something interesting about the way Katie was styled. Yes, her wig was odd and actually seemed askew in several scenes, but more interestingly, Katie's Jackie wore pearls with nearly every ensemble! Just like Teddy! Could Jackie have stolen Teddy's signature look?
The fashion was pretty fun to watch, especially when Katie's Jackie got gussied up for a big night with her President husband Jack, played by Greg Kinnear. The pink dress with white gloves number was by far Teddy's favorite.
Even the casual numbers, like this light pink mock turtleneck top, were stylish in a 1960s kind of way.
There was a lot of pink clothing in this film. Katie's Jackie even wore a pink nightgown, that was stunning but looked awfully uncomfortable, to bed. In this scene below Katie's Jackie is trying to locate her cheatin' man!
The series is superbly done with top actors and incredible sets. But Teddy kept wishing there had been more glamour, and more Jackie! Starts April 3.


  1. Teddy is such a fashionista. Great commentary and looking forward to more of Teddy's critiques.

  2. Here is Katie in the pillbox hat