Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fopsie's Guest List

March 23, 2011
Last night Teddy thought it was by high time she put reality TV aside so she could start drafting the guest list for Fopsie's May 7 wedding.
And, yup, there came Nibs just like clockwork. That Nibs is always checking up on Teddy! (Does the bear in your life ever do this to you?)
Before Teddy could say, "Go away Nibs!" he had taken the list from her and scrawled down the names of two friends he wanted to attend the wedding! Teddy was in shock.
Edward and Mr. Brown? How could Nibs want them at the wedding? First of all, Fopsie dated Edward just before meeting Herbert and then Edward tried hard to win her heart back. Second of all, Nibs set up Fopsie with Mr. Brown when he already had a girlfriend!!!
Teddy thought these suggestions were quite inappropriate and she let her "Helicopter Husband," as she called him, know it. He replied, "Just ask Fopsie if it's OK, Teddy."


  1. I agree! This could be a disaster for Fopsie's wedding if Edward and Mr. Brown come. I hope Teddy can edit the list asap!

  2. thanks Karig. You know how men can be. always puhsing THEIR way!!!