Monday, February 28, 2011

Emily Maynard Wins The Bachelor!

February 28, 2011
Teddy was shocked to read on Reality Steve's blog today that he was "sorry" when he insisted FOR MONTHS that Chantal O'Brien won The Bachelor because... drum roll please... he was led astray by a "source." Talk about scandalous.
Reality Steve just learned this morning that sweet Southern Belle Emily Maynard, 24, from Charlotte, North Carolina, wins. He goofed! Big time! (But what if he's wrong again? Hmmm...)
Emily is the girl who lost her race car driver fiance Ricky in a plane crash. She still wears his engagement ring and can't stop talking about him!
She also has a daughter with the late dude, who she aptly named "Ricki Jr." Last week on the "Hometown Dates" Brad gifted Ricki Jr. with a butterfly kite and they kind of bonded.
That's poor Chantal in the red dress. And that's the winner Emily in the blue number. Shawntel, on the far right, was kicked off last week. And Teddy thinks the dentist (the little one in the white frock) gets the cut tonight.
What do you think of Emily being Brad's fiancee? Teddy isn't sure it'll work because Emily seems like she has stars in her eyes, as in she wants to be famous. But, really, who doesn't these days? To read Reality Steve's apology go to:

Nicole Kidman Gorgeous in Dior Oscar Dress 2011

February 27, 2011
OK, Teddy is going a little crazy on these Oscar dresses, but that's just Teddy: she likes the superficial side of life. This morning Teddy read that no one liked Nicole Kidman's Dior gown (!). Kelly Osbourne (is she a fashion critic now?) said it looked like a "kimono." But Teddy LOVES the couture creation and thinks the Aussie never looked grander!
Now, her husband Keith Urban, that's another matter. How much does he pay for those highlights? Because they could use some work. Just sayin'!

Amy Adams Worst Oscar Dress 2011

February 27, 2011
Teddy usually doesn't like to diss how stars dress, but in the case of Amy Adams' helter-skelter '80s Oscar look, she just couldn't keep quiet. The blue dress by L'Wren Scott was all wrong! Bad color, boring design, terrible neck line... at least so thinks Teddy!
And the worst part was that she added this gaudy emerald number by Cartier. Teddy read that all her jewelry cost $13.5 million (she also sported a massive bracelet). Baubles 'n bling are great, but Amy went overboard.
Poor girl. She would have looked so much better in a softer color, like beige or light pink. But Teddy is still mad at Amy for ruining Julie and Julia so she doesn't mind putting her claws into the gal a little.
What do you think of Amy's ensemble? Do you think Teddy is being too harsh?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mila Kunis Gets Best Oscar Dress 2011

February 27, 2011
There was no way Teddy was going to miss the Oscars, which is like the Superbowl for female bears. Of course judging the dresses is the most important part. Teddy's favorite? Mila Kunis' lavender number.
The lace gown was by Elie Saab and was age appropriate. Mila was in one of Nibs' favorite movies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall (that Nibs!), and was in the recent Oscar-nominated Black Swan. She's also known for having recently dumped Macaulay Culkin.
The jewelry also pleased Teddy--not too big, not too small. Mila sort of looked Old Hollywood meets New Hollywood. Tres chic thought Teddy!
A year ago Teddy never heard of Mila. Now she's Best Dressed at the Oscars. Go figure! Whose dress did you like?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oscar Race Is On! Natalie or Annette?

February 25, 2011
Nibs must have felt really bad about his spat with Teddy in Santa Barbara because this morning he presented her with two dozen red roses. Perfect for Oscar weekend!
Teddy loves how romantic Nibs is. He's quite the old-fashioned bear. She arranged the roses in a red vase and put them on their dining room table.
Teddy can't wait to watch the Oscars at 5 pm LIVE Sunday night. The big race is between Natalie Portman, so good in The Black Swan, and Annette Bening, who stole The Kids Are All Right. Everyone thinks Natalie is going to win, but Teddy hears from her Hollywood pals that Annette has a great chance of getting the gold because her Hollywood legend husband Warren Beatty has been working his tail off behind the scenes to make sure she gets the votes. It would be nice to see an older lady win instead of some ambitious whippersnapper like Natalie. Who are you rooting for? The nominations:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

State Street Stroll

February 24, 2011
Nibs eventually found Teddy and the two strolled together along State Street. Teddy is so stubborn that she never admited should have joined Nibs at the pub! So she went hungry all day (I know--so unlike Teddy!). But they still had fun looking at the decorations of Santa Barbara.
Teddy found a sun fountain to dip her paw in. She loves to touch water! Nibs stumbled upon this Indian man with a turban. He didn't say hello back. Shucks.
The second fountain Teddy found was beautiful! This time Teddy threw a quarter in and asked the fountain spirits that they not let Teddy and Nibs fight any more today. That silly Teddy. How can she ask so much?
Alls well that ends well, right?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teddy's Spree

February 23, 2011
Nibs knew Teddy was shopping on State Street, as she always does. Her first stop was The Bead Shoppe where she could get supplies for her new hobby: jewelry making.
Teddy has been making beaded necklaces for friends. She wants to make a few for Fopsie's bridesmaids.
After her bead shopping she checked out Santa Barbara's scenery. So pretty! She loves all the Spanish architecture. So many arches and rod iron details.
She wondered if Nibs would be looking for her. Hmmm, she doesn't see the bow-tied bear anywhere. Should Teddy be worried?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back To Santa Barbara

February 22, 2011
Surprise, surprise! Nibs told Teddy that he was taking her to Santa Barbara for the night. He knows Teddy loves her hometown so he whisks her off there often to keep her mood up. Besides, she was getting way too into The Bachelor. But once they got there, well, sadly, they fought.
Teddy wanted to shop right away and Nibs was starving (and you know how grumpy a hungry bear can be!). So Teddy stormed off to do her own thing. Nibs just let her go and headed to his favorite pub off State Street, Dargan's.
Nibs was happy to have some time by himself. Teddy has been going on and on about her reality shows. She talks about Kyle and Kim Richards like they're her own sisters! And that poor Brad Womack. She doesn't have much good to say about him, poor fellow. Sheesh.
Nibs ordered a brew and chilled out for a while in the pub. He wondered why Teddy wasn't hungry. She was always hungry! Maybe she had something up her paw today.
After lunch Nibs played a round of pool by himself. "Boy oh boy is Teddy missing out on some fun," Nibs thought to himself.
Argh. Now Nibs has to set out to look for Teddy. Phooey. But he thinks he knows where to find her...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chantal O'Brien Wins The Bachelor!

February 20, 2011
Teddy is just as surprised by this news as you are. Being a rabid The Bachelor fan, she surfed the net for any shred of news and read that Chantal, the brunette who slightly looks like actress Marion Cotillard if you squint, gets proposed to by Texan doofus Brad Womack. Teddy's source?
Here is Chantal below. Her daddy owns a car dealership in Seattle. Chantal has cried a lot throughout the season (new episode airs TONIGHT) but she's stopped once in a while to admit to Brad that she's fallen in love with him. Poor girl! Brad seems like a major player to Teddy and is FAR from Nibs material.
The audience is being led to believe that Brad is interested only in blonde Southern Belle Emily, who lost her fiance in a plane crash only days before finding out she was pregnant with the man's baby! (Dramatic or what?). Teddy thinks Brad likes the way Emily looks (some blogs claim she's had tons of surgery done and her teeth are fake), but she's not strong enough for him.
Also still in the running is Shawntel, who Teddy thinks is a very cool chick because she works at a funeral home embalming corpses! But Teddy can tell that Brad is not completely in to her. On the hometown date, which airs this evening, he seems sicked out by her chosen profession.
Sure, The Bachelor is corny, Teddy knows that, but it's harmless fluff. And the locations are eye-popping--it's like you can travel while sitting on your couch. Check out the coastline of Anguilla below, where Brad took the hopefuls last week....
Teddy is so grateful that she didn't have to go on a reality show like The Bachelor and hope to be picked by a man. Lucky for her, Nibs walked into her life while she was working at a bakery in Santa Barbara 10 years ago and just asked her out on a date. Yes, Teddy is truly one of the lucky bears in this world.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kyle Richards' Leopard Scarf

February 18, 2011
This morning when Teddy had her coffee, she felt a nip in the air--in her own house! And the heat was blasting! Is this L.A.? So Teddy wrapped her favorite leopard scarf around her neck, the kind Kyle Richards wears on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. (Teddy is fascinated by this Demi Moore look-alike and has been trying to copy her!)
Of course "nosy Nibs," as Teddy calls him, had to come along and ask, "Teddy why on earth are you wearing a leopard scarf in the house?" Teddy explained. Nibs said it was perfectly warm. He also asked why Teddy was copying Kyle, a crazy reality star. Teddy didn't answer. Sometimes it's just better to ignore your mate.
But after Teddy left to make some phone calls (presumably more wedding talk with Fopsie), Nibs started to feel a chill himself. That's why he put on his Burberry scarf that Teddy bought him in London several years ago. "Ahhh, cashmere feels so good on my furry back," thought Nibs.
Rain--lots of rain!--is expected in L.A. this weekend. Pull out those raincoats! And, if you live with any bears, turn up the heat (guess that fur isn't as warm as we all thought).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue

February 17, 2011
The one magazine Teddy looks forward to every month is Vanity Fair because it's like a very well photographed tabloid.
This year's annual Hollywood issue struck Teddy as a bit ridiculous. There are just too many actors! The only one Teddy likes in Anne Hathaway, who was superb in The Devil Wears Prada.
To be honest, Teddy didn't like too many of the articles, except for one: the piece on her penultimate Hollywood idol Lauren Bacall!
Titled To Have and Have Not, the name of Lauren's first movie which costarred the love of her life Humphrey Bogart, who was clearly her "Nibs," if you will, the interview was fantastic.
Lauren, who was born "Betty" but was renamed by Hollywood suits, had the best face in the business. She made several other films with Bogie like Key Largo and Dark Passages (set in San Francisco). Lauren still works: her next film is Carmel-By-The-Sea and Teddy is going to the premiere next month. Oh-la-la!

Here's a nice picture of "Betty" and her Nibs on their wedding day. What a happy couple. Too bad he died from smoking all those cigarettes. Teddy doesn't let Nibs smoke, ever.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

February 16, 2011
Teddy was already suffering from post Valentine's Day blues... only two days after the holiday! So Nibs tried to cheer Teddy up with a little box of sweets (he surely knows the way to her heart).
Together they opened the box. Teddy was excited to see what was inside. She was hoping they were MILK chocolates and not DARK chocolates. You never know what you're going to get in a box of chocolates.
Jackpot! All milk chocolates. That Teddy sure is a lucky bear.
She decided to share with Nibs, which she normally doesn't do. Nibs was shocked, SHOCKED!
While Nibs was enjoying his one piece, Teddy managed to gobble up the other three. How does she eat chocolate so fast? Nibs thinks she has some kind of super sonic digestive system for sweets.
"Thanks Nibs," Teddy said as she patted him on his back with her paw. "That was a nice morning treat. Can't wait to see what my lunch treat will be." That Teddy! Shed sure pushes her luck.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Think I'm Turning Japanese-a!

February 15, 2011
When Teddy was shopping for Nibs (well, really herself) at the Century City mall the other day, she stopped for lunch. No one likes a hungry bear, right? Teddy's choice of cuisine from the fast food court? (You'll be surprised.) Japanese!
Teddy just loves the trio platter: chicken teriyaki, gyoza and shrimp tempura. What's not to like? It's so delicious!
A little Coca-Cola balanced out Teddy's meal. What did you have for lunch today?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2011
Yesterday Teddy visited The Century City Mall to get Nibs the perfect Valentine's Day prezzie. First stop: Godiva chocolates. It was packed, but Teddy managed to work her way through the store.
Awww, look at the selection: varied, abundant, attractive. Teddy could have stayed in the shop all day long. It didn't hurt that one of the ladies gave Teddy a sampler.
You know what Teddy's up to, don't you? She's really buying the chocolate for herself! You see, Nibs isn't particularly fond of chocolate the way Teddy is. He indulges once in a blue moon. Teddy gives Nibs chocolate every year, then eats the chocolate HERSELF. What a bear!

Friday, February 11, 2011


February 11, 2011
Happy Friday! Last night Teddy saw a scarrrrrry movie: 1976's Grizzly!
It was about a crazed grizzly bear that hunted people at a campground. He started with this young beauty.
Oh no, there goes her arm! The Grizzly Bear swatted it off with his paw in one strike (Teddy would never do that).
Here's the Grizzly. He has a large mouth! Funny how today a Grizzly Bear would never be portrayed as the Jaws of the woods.
A mean old man hunted down the poor Grizzly and blew him up (in the end credits the producers insist no bears were harmed in the making of this film). Bad human!
The ending was sad, but Teddy will see any movie with a bear in it. Click this link to see the campy poster: