Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back To Santa Barbara

February 22, 2011
Surprise, surprise! Nibs told Teddy that he was taking her to Santa Barbara for the night. He knows Teddy loves her hometown so he whisks her off there often to keep her mood up. Besides, she was getting way too into The Bachelor. But once they got there, well, sadly, they fought.
Teddy wanted to shop right away and Nibs was starving (and you know how grumpy a hungry bear can be!). So Teddy stormed off to do her own thing. Nibs just let her go and headed to his favorite pub off State Street, Dargan's.
Nibs was happy to have some time by himself. Teddy has been going on and on about her reality shows. She talks about Kyle and Kim Richards like they're her own sisters! And that poor Brad Womack. She doesn't have much good to say about him, poor fellow. Sheesh.
Nibs ordered a brew and chilled out for a while in the pub. He wondered why Teddy wasn't hungry. She was always hungry! Maybe she had something up her paw today.
After lunch Nibs played a round of pool by himself. "Boy oh boy is Teddy missing out on some fun," Nibs thought to himself.
Argh. Now Nibs has to set out to look for Teddy. Phooey. But he thinks he knows where to find her...

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