Friday, February 18, 2011

Kyle Richards' Leopard Scarf

February 18, 2011
This morning when Teddy had her coffee, she felt a nip in the air--in her own house! And the heat was blasting! Is this L.A.? So Teddy wrapped her favorite leopard scarf around her neck, the kind Kyle Richards wears on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. (Teddy is fascinated by this Demi Moore look-alike and has been trying to copy her!)
Of course "nosy Nibs," as Teddy calls him, had to come along and ask, "Teddy why on earth are you wearing a leopard scarf in the house?" Teddy explained. Nibs said it was perfectly warm. He also asked why Teddy was copying Kyle, a crazy reality star. Teddy didn't answer. Sometimes it's just better to ignore your mate.
But after Teddy left to make some phone calls (presumably more wedding talk with Fopsie), Nibs started to feel a chill himself. That's why he put on his Burberry scarf that Teddy bought him in London several years ago. "Ahhh, cashmere feels so good on my furry back," thought Nibs.
Rain--lots of rain!--is expected in L.A. this weekend. Pull out those raincoats! And, if you live with any bears, turn up the heat (guess that fur isn't as warm as we all thought).


  1. Teddy and Nibs look so cute in their scarves. It just occurred to me, do Beverly Hills bears hibernate in winter?

  2. Anon, thank you very much for that article. sheesh, 6 months of hibernating with no food or water? a metabolic marvel indeed. No, Beverly Hills bears DO NOT need to hibernate, though Teddy does tend to sleep more, like 10-12 hours a night, during the winter months....

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