Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Coffee Bean

December 29, 2010
It's so chilly outside, Teddy had to take a break from her sales shopping to warm up with a cup of Joe at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Beverly Hills.
Teddy just loves their holiday drinks, like Peppermint Lattes and Candy Cane tea.
And now they serve frozen yogurt as well! Vanilla and tart flavors only.
What to get, what to get... hmmm.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peter Marco Splurge

December 28, 2010
A lot of people have been asking if Teddy took advantage of the post-Christmas sales. The answer: um, yup!
Teddy doesn't mess around when it comes to sales. She headed straight to one of her favorite jewelry stores: Peter Marco in Beverly Hills.
How much did she set Nibs back in her diamond spree? She doesn't want me to say!!! It's that much.

Merry Christmas!

December 28, 2010
Merry Christmas everyone! How did you spend your holidays?
Felicia spent it with Teddy and her clan...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nothing Says I Love You Like Tiffany's

December 23, 2010
Teddy can't avoid the allure of Tiffany's. It sings to her. As Teddy approached Tiffany & Co.'s steel doors, she heard "Moon River" in her head.
Everything is just so SPARKLY and WONDERFUL in that place. Sigh.
Teddy looked around for Nibs. Where is that bear when you need him to buy you a $200,000 prezzie?

Two Rodeo Drive

December 23, 2010
TWO MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! Teddy is dizzy from the stress of it all. She still needs to buy DOZENS of prezzies so today she hit 2 Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Look at that Teddy running around! Good thing she started her day with a big chocolate croissant so she'd have boundless energy.
Oh yes, and Nibs came too. But he didn't stress. Nibs never gets frantic.
Are you done with your XMAS shopping?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kip's Toyland

December 22, 2010
Teddy usually doesn't wander over to The Farmer's Market (it's a hop-skip from The Grove), but today she did.
She wanted to get Nibs a toy. Yes, he's a little old for that, but every year Teddy gets Nibs a present fit for a child to bring out the kid in him. Kip's Toyland seemed perfect!
Mission accomplished! Teddy can't tell you what prezzie she settled on, because sometimes Nibs reads this blog!
You'll have to be left guessing!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yogi Bear

December 21, 2010
While at The Grove, Teddy stumbled upon a massive marketing push for the movie Yogi Bear, which opened on December 17.
There was even a Ranger Station built in the Grove's courtyard.
Inside there were photos on the walls and furniture, making it look like a REAL cabin. Nifty! Maybe Nibs could build one for Teddy in their back yard!
Hi Yogi and Boo Boo!
Teddy thinks she'll skip this film because she's really not into animation, believe it or not. She'd rather see Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist!

Over A Barrel

December 21, 2010
It's only FOUR days till Christmas and Teddy still has not done all her shopping. Or any! So she went to... guess where? THE GROVE, of course.
Nibs likes things for the kitchen so she headed to Crate & Barrel. Since Teddy really doesn't cook, she's completely unfamiliar with this place.
Everything looked so unfun. Teddy didn't understand. Who wants a muffin pan? Not TEDDY! That's for sure.
After 20 minutes of looking at champagne flutes and placemats, Teddy had a near panic attack and decided to take a break at Nordstrom cafe. A little mochachino might get her in the shopping-for-others mood.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Little Friend...

December 20, 2010
On Felicia's last day in San Francisco she decided to turn this sow's ear of a trip into a silk purse (play on an old Shakespeare expression) so she headed to Chestnut Street for a little Xmas shopping at Williams Sonoma.
Before entering the shop, Felicia ran into a cute little dog. He didn't volunteer his name.
It made Felicia think that maybe once back in L.A. she should get a woofie. Or a boyfriend. Or both. Hmmm. She'll have to get Teddy's feedback on this.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello, Is Sebastian There?

December 17, 2010
It's Felicia's last day in San Francisco and she felt this morning like she needed to make a move. So she stopped by Sebastian's apartment building on Gough Street and rang the buzzer.
A woman's voice answered the intercom. She said, "My husband Sebastian will be back in an hour." Felicia almost fainted!
This poor little bear was so shocked she didn't respond. She just ran down the street. A few blocks away she composed herself and stopped to think. Sebastian married? OH NO!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Mini Cooper Christmas

December 16, 2010
While going down memory lane, Felicia stumbled upon this festive Mini Cooper.
With its brown antlers and red nose, it sure looks a lot like Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer!

Memory Lane In San Francisco

December 16, 2010
Felicia couldn't visit San Francisco without dropping by the old apartment building she used to share with her older sister Teddy. After graduating from high school in Santa Barbara, Teddy thought they should move North to find some rich husbands. They shared a studio apartment near bustling Union Street.
This is the coffee shop they would hit every morning for a cup of Joe. Teddy always got whipped cream on top of her coffee drink. And chocolate sprinkles. And caramel drizzle. That Teddy loves her sugar!
Sometimes they'd have a sidewalk lunch on Union Street, where they'd girl talk. They used to get along really well back then. Felicia doesn't know when Teddy turned so cranky and bossy.
At night they'd hang out Balboa Cafe Bar & Grill in "The Triangle" section of the Marina. Teddy was convinced she'd find a wealthy bear there. Little did she know then that she'd find her Sugar Daddy (Nibs) years later back in her hometown of Santa Barbara!
Felicia isn't like Teddy. She's no gold digger. But she wouldn't mind meeting a nice bear to fall in love with. Which brings us back to Felicia's ex Sebastian. She's still too nervous to call him.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Flowers

December 15, 2010
Still not ready to call Sebastian, Felicia headed out for another day of walking in San Francisco. Even though it's December, there were bright blossoms at every turn. Check out this flower stand on Union Street!
On Fillmore Street, Felicia stumbled across this explosion of flora and fauna.
And on Chestnut Street, she found this lone Easter Lily.
How is your December going? Felicia hopes it's full of flowers...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Danielle Steel's House

December 14, 2010
Look at what Felicia stumbled upon! It's romance novelist Danielle Steel's house, called Spreckels Mansion, which sits on an entire half block of Washington Street in Pacific Heights. There are 55 rooms in all. It's HUGE.
Built in 1913, it has many lovely features like this limestone design motif under the balcony.
To learn more about the property, go to

The Streets Of San Francisco

December 14, 2010
Instead of calling Sebastian, Felicia decided to go for a walk, taking in the Christmas cheer that San Francisco had to offer.
Everywhere there were pretty decorations, like on this Pacific Heights mansion that overlooks the bay.
Felicia could even see her reflection in one of the gold ornaments. Her nose looked so big!
Awww, wreaths. So Christmasy! Felicia was firmly in the Xmas spirit!

To Call Or Not To Call....

December 14, 2010
After arriving in San Francisco, Felicia went to the balcony of her hotel room and thought long and hard...
...should she call Sebastian?
The last time they spoke it didn't go well. Maybe she should just enjoy the city....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Felicia Skips Town

December 13, 2010
All of a sudden, Felicia felt like she had to get away from Teddy and her craziness so she booked a quick trip to San Francisco through Virgin America. Sometimes, sisters can be over-BEAR-ing!
It has been a while since Felicia flew but she was looking forward to getting up in the air and, in a way, rising above all this Endora/Teddy/Herbert/Fopsie drama.
Once on the plane, Felicia started to wonder if she should look up her ex, Sebastian, once she hit the City By The Bay.
It is the holiday season, after all. Isn't that the right time to look up old friends? Or, should we say, old flames?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aunt Endora IS Coming To Town

December 8, 2010
To calm Teddy's frayed nerves, Felicia put in a long-distance call to Aunt Endora to, hopefully, learn that she was not flying to Los Angeles to visit her son Herbert for the holidays.
Endora answered on the first ring (she's very Type A). "Yes I am coming to Los Angeles. I need to check on my son!" barked Endora. "And I want to meet this Fopsie girl."
Felicia was in shock! SHOCK! And she trembled a wee bit. You see, Endora wasn't only hard on Teddy; she was also hard on Felicia, always telling her that her fur was too scruffy and needed straightening and that her claws needed a manicure.
Trembling with fear, Teddy and Felicia had to sit down to hash out a plan on how to deal with the Evil Aunt. Gulp!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Endora?

December 7, 2010
After Aunt Endora's postcard from England enquiring about Fopsie, Teddy was in a tizzy. She called on her sister Felicia (who she's--miraculously--been getting along with lately) to figure out what to do!
Just after Teddy finished explaining to Felicia that Endora scares her (when Teddy was a cub Endora used to tease Teddy about her poor grades and chocolate addiction), Felicia brought up a good point: Endora may fly to L.A. to visit Herbert for Christmas.
Teddy was nearly apoplectic! This could be a very likely scenario as Endora loves to meddle in Herbert's life. Teddy can't stand the thought of coming face-to-face with the black cloud that is Aunt Endora!
Sensing that Teddy was close to suffering a fainting spell, Felicia passed her sister a caramel candy to raise her blood sugar level.
Good thing Teddy always keeps her candy dish full! It did just the trick.