Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sisters Go Swedish

December 6, 2010
Yesterday Teddy took her sister Felicia to the Swedish Christmas Fair--hosted by SWEA (a bunch of crazy blonde Swedish ladies)--in downtown L.A.
Nibs tagged along too because he's always afraid these sisters will get into a nasty bear fight (!) and he'll have to separate them.
Teddy seemed interested in the food only (jeez, how unusual... NOT!) and as soon as they arrived, she asked Felicia to fetch her a few Swedish pancakes (that Teddy!).
Nibs went for the hot dogs instead. Swedish hot dogs are some of the tastiest. Not too salty.
Afterwards, he let the sisters talk as he shopped the kiosks for Scandinavian knick knacks.
How are you getting in the Xmas mood?


  1. to learn more about crazy Swedish blonde ladies go to

  2. This looks like such a fun fair! Did either sister partake of Swedish meatballs? Did they buy any souvenirs? Were Teddy's shopping instinct thoroughly tested by the fair atmosphere? Did Nibs have a tough time keeping an eye on the girls amidst all of the other blonds in the room?

    P.S. I hope no fights broke out!

  3. Teddy is certainly bossy with Felicia. Does she feel it is the older sister's prerogative?

  4. Teddy ate 3 hot dogs and a pastry. Nibs was SHOCKED. Where does that bear put all those calories? Nibs lost the girls several times in the crowd, but he was fine with that.

  5. Teddy is bossy with EVERYONE! that Teddy. I think she needs therapy

  6. Teddy's bossiness is entertaining but if she did go into therapy I would love to hear about some of those sessions!