Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Word From Across The Pond

December 1, 2010
Sifting through her pile of mail this morning, Teddy noticed a Thanksgiving card from Herbert's mother Endora, who lives in England.
Teddy really needs to get to her mail faster! Anyhow, in the card Endora asked how her son was doing and if he was "serious" with this woman Fopsie.
Sheesh, what should Teddy say? Should she write Endora back? Isn't that kind of between Endora and Herbert? The card sure is cute, isn't it?


  1. Do u have a meddling mom too?
    Poor Herbert

  2. Very cute card! Hmmm... does Teddy even know how Herbert is feeling about Fopsie? He seems to have been keeping his emotions close to his sleeve thus far. Maybe Teddy can explain that she's not sure what the scoop is just yet... Hmmm..... Good luck to Teddy!

  3. I forgot that we haven't heard what is going on with Fopsie and Herbert since Fopsie invited Herbert over for root beer and cookies. Fopsie was dropping a lot of hints, trying to suss out what his expectations were about the relationship. Poor Fopsie got no satisfaction and started crying. I wonder how she is handling it now? Did she say anything to Teddy at Thanksgiving?

    It seems that Teddy was so involved in Fopsies relationship and then got all caught up in the holidays (and what she wanted for Christmas from Nibs). She kind of dropped the whole thing.

    Maybe this card from Herbert's mother will get her back on course.