Friday, July 30, 2010

Bearfoot In The Park

July 30, 2010
Second date! Fopsie joined her new beau Edward in the park for a casual picnic.
Edward talked about his favorite movies (The Natural, Bull Durham) as they sipped lemonade and nibbled on grapes.
Fops talked about her upbringing in Santa Barbara and how Teddy is a sugaraholic (shhh, don't tell Teddy, she'll get mad!)
The date went well. Fopsie can't believe how lucky she is to have met a nice guy like Edward in this crazy city called Los Angeles! She will have to thank Nibs the next time she sees him.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Edward Dazzles Fopsie

July 29, 2010
It was Teddy's idea that Edward throw an early evening al fresco dinner party at his house so he could meet Fopsie. So last night Teddy and Nibs picked up Fopsie and headed to Edward's place. The table was magnificent! Edward served corn and arugula salad with LaBrea Bakery bread.
Fopsie was nervous. She thought Edward was quite handsome and a good catch indeed!
She was impressed with his floral arrangement. So summery!
Teddy and Nibs were on their best behavior and didn't argue once! Teddy was proud of herself.
By the end of the night Fopsie and Edward had really bonded. Could this be the bear for Fops?
Looks like it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grilling Edward Over Cinnamon Rolls

July 28, 2010
Back to matchmaking. In light of the disastrous move that was setting Fopsie up with Mr. Brown (who, as we sadly learned, is off the market already), Nibs decided to "screen" his next pal, L.A.-based banker Edward. So Tibs had him over for cinnamon rolls and coffee this morning.
 Teddy knew she was supposed to ask Edward some tough questions, but all she could think about were those delicious cinnamon rolls that were making the whole house smell yummy (Teddy got up early to bake them).
After 5 seconds Teddy could wait no longer so she plunged into the plate and picked herself the largest roll.
Edward must have been too nervous to eat. He said he had never been grilled before.
After the meal Edward promised he a) was single b) was financially independent and didn't live with his mom or anything like that and c) was looking for a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. Teddy was thrilled! She couldn't wait to call Fops!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Country Bears

July 27, 2010
All this matchmaking business has worn Teddy out. So last night she took a break from finding Fopsie a man and tuned into the movie The Country Bears (2002).
It's about a young bear (a bruin, if you will) who's adopted into a people family.
He's obsessed with these old geezer bears who used to be in a band called, you got it, The Country Bears.
Teddy doesn't say this often, but she didn't really like the film because the bear actors were not up to par. Teddy could have nailed any of those roles a lot better! A-hem!
Still, Teddy watched till the end when one of the scraggly old bears visited the bruin and asked him to play in The Country Bears' reunion concert.
The film is based on The Country Bear concert attraction in Disneyland. You see, for the past few years Disney has been making films based on their Disneyland rides. Pirates of the Caribbean was a hit, The Haunted Mansion was not. The Country Bears certainly was not. Teddy's going back to her vintage films. Hello Hitchcock!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Apology

July 26, 2010
Teddy and Nibs had Fopsie over for dinner last night to apologize for the major snafu of setting her up with a taken bear!
Nibs explained he had no idea Mr. Brown was dating Louise. He thought they were just "friends." He apologized profusely for the mistake and said he would screen these men better in the future.
Teddy was so upset that she could barely eat the hamburger with caramelized onions, Yukon potatoes, and peas and corn medley she had prepared.
Fopsie said she understood and it wasn't a big deal. At least she made a new friend! She thought Mr. Brown was a class act.
Teddy was relieved that Fops was such a good sport about this. If Teddy had been set up with a taken bear, she would have gone ballistic! Teddy started to think she could learn something from Fopsie's calm temperament.
On a lighter note, Teddy got a new orchid plant. You like?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fopsie's First Date

July 23, 2010
It was Nibs' idea to set Fopsie up with his pal Mr. Brown. Teddy said this was OK, but she wanted the meeting to be super casual because she wasn't sure Fops would like Mr. Brown. After all, he is a short guy and Fops specifically said she did not want a shorty! (That Nibs never listens.)
Mr. Brown put on a nice show for Fopsie at his house. He served her pomegranate juice in an elegant wine glass and presented a tasty cheese plate complete with strawberries.
Fopsie was impressed and thought Mr. Brown was a true gentleman. He talked about his trips to Africa and how he likes to play golf.
Fopsie was a little nervous to dig into the cheese plate. After all, she wanted to seem like a lady, not some famished bear!
Mr. Brown must have sensed Fops was hungry because he kindly sliced a piece of the brie and put it on a plate along with some crackers and a strawberry. Fopsie liked how thoughtful he was.
Then Mr. Brown dropped a bombshell. He asked Fopsie if she had met his girlfriend Louise. He has a girlfriend!?! Fopsie was in shock. She then realized that Mr. Brown had no clue this was a date and merely was being courteous to a friend of a friend, that's all. Fopsie called Teddy immediately after she left Mr. Brown's house asking for an explanation! This is a BIG uh-oh.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fopsie's Makeover

July 22, 2010
Teddy feels that if Fopsie is going to meet a bunch of potential husbands, she has to get a makeover! So just like Alicia Silverstone's character in Clueless, Teddy told Fops to look in the mirror and envision change.
Teddy explained that keeping your fur in top shape is one of the biggest priorities a bear can have. She recommended Fructis shampoo because it's made with natural ingredients. A good "blow out" is also necessary.
Makeup is also a must. Teddy bought Fops a few basic products to get her started. Chanel is the best, but L'Oreal also makes some well-priced staples like powder and mascara (nothing says va-voom like long lashes).
And let's not forget one very important part of being a glamour girl: smelling expensive. Teddy told Fops that L'Air du Temps would be a good fit for her and to spritz some on every morning.
Hmmm, smells nice. Floral but not too floral.
Fopsie was overwhelmed, but appreciated all of Teddy's efforts. She didn't think she needed a makeover, but now realizes a little fluffing up couldn't hurt.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teddy Makes Some Calls...

July 21, 2010
Ignoring Nibs' negativity, Teddy made some calls last night to her male bear pals in hopes that they could be Mr. Right candidates for Fopsie.
Teddy was nervous to dial the first bear. What if a bear wife answers? How does she explain the nature of her call? But Teddy, shrugging off her fear, dialed anyhow.
"Hello," said a cute little bear voice. "Is Michael there please?" asked Teddy. "Who is this?" asked the female. "Teddy. Are you Michael's wife?" Teddy likes to get to the point fast.
"Why, yes, I am. What is this about?" asked the lady. Click! Teddy doesn't like to waste time so she hung up. Grrrr. This is going to be harder than Teddy thought.
Once Teddy stopped being angry it dawned her that Michael's wife will now tell Michael that a bear named Teddy hung up on her. Uh-oh. Teddy will keep that little detail a secret from Nibs. The last thing she wants right now is to be reprimanded.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teddy's Little Black Book

July 20, 2010
All Teddy could think about this morning over her cheese croissant and coffee breakfast is how she can't wait to set Fopsie up with a hot bear!
After the delicious breakfast was consumed Teddy pulled out her Tiffany black address book. Hmmm, which bears does she know that she can introduce to Fops?
There were several male bears listed in Teddy's book (don't tell Nibs), she just wasn't sure if they were already married or not. Teddy will call them and ask. If a bear who sounds like a wife answers, she'll hang up!
Just as Teddy was jotting down some names, Nibs came on the scene. "I thought I was finding a bear for Fopsie," said Nibs. "Can't I help out?" asked Teddy. "Well, I guess, but all your male bear friends are short!" added Nibs.
That Nibs! Always with the comments!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Talk

July 19, 2010
Yesterday Teddy and Nibs hit Palisades Park in Santa Monica where temperatures were in the low 80s thanks to a cooling marine layer. They brought a picnic and enjoyed the outdoors. Simple pleasures are what life is all about. Sometimes. (Splurging at Nordys is also good.)
They brought along with them Fopsie, who wanted some fresh air as well. Nibs took this opportunity to ask Fopsie what she was looking for in a bear since he was now in charge of finding her a beau, per Teddy's orders. Nibs didn't mind taking on the "older brother" role to dear old Fops.
Nibs told Fops he'd love to set her up with some of his friends, but she needed to tell him exactly what she was looking for. For example, Nibs knew he wanted a non-career-oriented mate. That's why he fell so hard for Teddy! She's never wanted to work a day in her life, and Nibs is more than fine with that because that affords them lots of leisure time together.
Fops was surprised at Nibs' admission. Most potential bear husbands want their potential bear wives to have solid jobs. Hmmm. Fops had a lot to mull over so she looked at the Pacific Ocean for clarity. She knows she at least wants a husband who's as tall as she! (Fops is tall by bear standards. So that rules out Barclay.) She also prefers a non-smoker. And if she can find it, a Capricorn. Fops is very into astrology and thinks her ideal mate would be a Cap.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Breakfast With Fopsie

July 16, 2010
This morning Fopsie stopped by for a little breakfast with Teddy. With Nibs at the gym, Teddy had to make the arrangements all by herself. That's why all poor Fops got was toast and coffee!
Fopsie confessed to Teddy that it was time for her to settle down with a man. She asked Teddy how she could find a great bear like Nibs.
Teddy was surprised to hear Fopsie says this because she always thought her BFF was a confirmed bachelorette.
The wheels of Teddy's mind started to spin! Hmmm, who would be a good mate for dear Fops? This was an excellent opportunity for Teddy to play matchmaker. She told Fops she would get to work right away!