Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Country Bears

July 27, 2010
All this matchmaking business has worn Teddy out. So last night she took a break from finding Fopsie a man and tuned into the movie The Country Bears (2002).
It's about a young bear (a bruin, if you will) who's adopted into a people family.
He's obsessed with these old geezer bears who used to be in a band called, you got it, The Country Bears.
Teddy doesn't say this often, but she didn't really like the film because the bear actors were not up to par. Teddy could have nailed any of those roles a lot better! A-hem!
Still, Teddy watched till the end when one of the scraggly old bears visited the bruin and asked him to play in The Country Bears' reunion concert.
The film is based on The Country Bear concert attraction in Disneyland. You see, for the past few years Disney has been making films based on their Disneyland rides. Pirates of the Caribbean was a hit, The Haunted Mansion was not. The Country Bears certainly was not. Teddy's going back to her vintage films. Hello Hitchcock!


  1. By the way, Queen Latifah and Christopher Walken also have roles. Must have paid well!!!

  2. The little bruin looks cute but those scraggly old bears looks pretty gnarly.

  3. I happened to like that movie very much...

    I actually wrote stories about it, making it much, MUCH darker and with a very dark and evil plotline. >:D

    The link to the story is in my name.