Friday, July 9, 2010

The Croissant Cure

July 9, 2010
We all know coming back from vacation is very hard on our favorite bear. Knowing this, Nibs went out early this morning to get her a fresh batch of croissants. He didn't have time to get her favorites from Champagne on Beverly Drive and settled from the mass-produced pastries at Ralphs instead.
Teddy was grateful nonetheless, and especially enjoyed the cheese croissant. Nibs couldn't join Teddy this morning because he was out getting supplies for her big birthday bash tomorrow.
Teddy spent a good hour sitting alone sipping her coffee. She had a lot on her mind. Today is her last day in her 20s. She will be 30 tomorrow. Has she lived life to the fullest? Has she been a good bear? A nice wife? A responsible citizen? Teddy was in a seriously contemplative mood.
Teddy concluded she has been a great bear. But perhaps she can be a better wife to Nibs, who does so much for her.... yup, that's what she'll do. After so much heavy deliberation, Teddy turned her thoughts back to the obvious: vacation. Where should she go next? Some bears never change!

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  1. A bear can't change her nature. I am surprised she isn't thinking about the big bash Nibs is throwing tomorrow. I hope she shows up for her own party.