Friday, July 2, 2010


July 2, 2010
After spending several hours at Nordstrom, Nibs finally bought a gift for Teddy. Nibs always pays cash. He says its easier. (And, also, that way Teddy can't look at his credit card statement and see where he's been spending his money!)
The sales lady wrapped the gift up nicely with a bow and all. The bag was almost too big for Nibs to carry!
Goodbye Grove!
Now if Nibs can only remember where he parked his car.... hmmm.


  1. the grove parking has about 6 levels and Nibs can never remember where he parked. well, at least he will be getting some exercise

  2. I'm dying to know what Nibs got Teddy for her birthday! Will we have to wait till the 10th to find out?

  3. I think it might be from the purse department because I see smaller purses in the glass case.

  4. I'm sure Teddy will love whatever Nibs got for her. Looking forward to seeing how it goes! Good luck, Nibs!

  5. Anonymous is onto something...
    But this present is only ONE of many.
    Nibs will have to do some more shopping this week
    And where to buy a cake?
    Nibs has his work cut out for him

  6. Is Nibs planning a surprise for Teddy, unbeknownst to her?