Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Holiday For The Bears

July 6, 2010
Nibs wanted to give Teddy an early birthday present so for the 4th of July weekend he zipped her up to Sausalito. The words "pack your bags" are music to Teddy's ears.
They stayed at the Casa Madrona, which has the biggest spa Teddy has ever seen. They spent their afternoons walking in the neighborhood, checking out the swarms of tourists.
There wasn't much 4th of July hoopla in Sausalito (a 15 minute drive from San Francisco) with the exception of these red-white-and-blue balloons. But Tibs sure had a ton of fun. Stay tuned for more Marin photos...


  1. Is Teddy spoiled? She sure gets her way a lot!

  2. What makes Nibs happy is making sure Teddy is happy and Nibs really knows how to make Teddy happy! Teddy isn't spoiled, she's lucky.