Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bistro 35

July 6, 2010
On Teddy's first day in Marin she went to Tiburon to visit Bistro 35, the cafe that replaced Teddy's longtime favorite haunt, The Sweden House, home of the Most Fabulous Princess Cake in the World.
Teddy found the remodel fantastic. It had a decidedly French bistro vibe to it and the brown/beige color tones were soothing. Teddy got a table outside and perused the menu.
The waitress recommended Teddy view the desserts inside the restaurant. Happily, Bistro 35 served up their own version of the Princess Cake, a Scandinavian dessert that has marzipan frosting on the outside and cream, white cake and raspberry jam on the inside.
"One slice of Princess Cake, please," Teddy told the frazzled waitress (the place was packed with German tourists).
Teddy enjoyed her slice of Scandinavian heaven so much that she ordered a piece of Princess Cake to go for Nibs. Could her day get any better?

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