Friday, July 16, 2010

Breakfast With Fopsie

July 16, 2010
This morning Fopsie stopped by for a little breakfast with Teddy. With Nibs at the gym, Teddy had to make the arrangements all by herself. That's why all poor Fops got was toast and coffee!
Fopsie confessed to Teddy that it was time for her to settle down with a man. She asked Teddy how she could find a great bear like Nibs.
Teddy was surprised to hear Fopsie says this because she always thought her BFF was a confirmed bachelorette.
The wheels of Teddy's mind started to spin! Hmmm, who would be a good mate for dear Fops? This was an excellent opportunity for Teddy to play matchmaker. She told Fops she would get to work right away!


  1. Like Paddington, Teddy likes orange marmalade

  2. I like learning more about Teddy and Nib's friends and family.

  3. Would it help Fopsie if Teddy shared with her how she and Nibs met? (I'm dying to know, myself!)

  4. Do the bears ever drink tea? I see they both drink coffee, but what about tea?

  5. No tea for bears, just coffee...
    Yes, I will reveal how Tibs met. Soon.