Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Calendar

June 30, 2010
Teddy just can't believe the big 3-0 is around the corner! This is a major marker, even for a little bear.
Last night over coffee and shortbread cookies, she looked at her Norman Rockwell 2010 Calendar: The Saturday Evening Post.
Her birthday is July 10. Falls on a Saturday. Not bad.
Should Teddy throw a party? Have Nibs take her on a vacation? Hmmm.... What does a bear do when they turn 30, besides stress out?
Out of nowhere, Nibs' furry head popped up. "What are you doing Teddy?" he asked. Nibs loves to spy on his bear! Teddy thinks sometimes he can be a little nosy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teddy's Anti-Aging Trick

June 29, 2010
In an effort to look as youthful as possible, Teddy has started taking vitamins every monring. Nibs bought her the easy chewable kind made for kids (because if Teddy isn't a kid at heart, no one is). Teddy likes that the vitamins come in a bear-shaped bottle.
Just two a day do the trick. Teddy thinks the vitamins taste like Sweet-Tarts, that candy given away so often during Halloween. Sometimes Teddy wants to eat more, like three or four a day. But Nibs says no! Taking too many vitamins can be bad for your health.
The vitamins are available at Trader Joe's, but you can find bear-shaped chewable vitamins almost anywhere.

Monday, June 28, 2010


June 28, 2010
After a difficult few weeks where Nibs threatened to send Teddy into the workforce, the stress caught up with our favorite bear. Last night she couldn't sleep a wink.
Instead of lying there counting sheep, Teddy grabbed a book, 365 Ways to Look - and Feel - Younger: Everyday Tips to Reduce Wrinkles, Improve Memory, Boost Libido, Build Muscles, and More!
You see, Teddy is turning 30 in a few weeks and she's very worried that she is losing her beauty.
One of the chapters, ironically, was about getting enough sleep (!). The others were about exercising and eating right.
Not heeding the advice of the book, Teddy grabbed a plate of bite-size brownies. The smell of the freshly baked treats woke Nibs.
Together they snacked on the desserts and Teddy revealed her worries. After all, Teddy said, Los Angeles is a tough town where everyone judges you on your looks! Nibs told Teddy she had nothing to worry about! She was still stunning. But then he started to worry. What is he going to get the bear that has everything for her birthday?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Frozen Treat Friday

June 25, 2010
After Teddy carefully hid her journal under her bed, she invited Nibs out for a frozen yogurt treat at Yogurt Beyond on Olympic Boulevard.
Teddy loves this place because you can serve yourself! First you pick your cup size (Teddy says extra large is a "good idea").
Then you work the levers of the yogurt machine.
Nibs told Teddy to take is easy on the toppings. She usually overdoes it and then gets a stomach ache.
When all that preparing was done, Teddy sat at one of Yogurt Beyond's cool plastic tables and indulged. Nothing says summer like a big tub of frozen yogurt!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teddy's Journal

June 24, 2010
In an effort to get her mind off her craving for perpetual vacations,Teddy started to write her deepest thoughts in her TEDDY BEAR JOURNAL.
But as soon as she started writing she found herself complaining about Nibs, which made her feel guilty. After all, without Nibs she would still be back at that bakery in Santa Barbara making bread.
She also wondered if Nibs might take a peek inside the journal when she's out getting frozen yogurt or shopping for purses at the mall. That would be devastating! Just as she was thinking this, Nibs approached.
"What are you writing about Teddy?" Nibs asked. Teddy was frozen with fear. Uh-oh. She might have to dispose of the journal ASAP. This could lead to a lot of fights!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roses Fix Everything!

June 23, 2010
After Teddy explained to Nibs that she has had some bad work experiences (when she was a cub she was forced to work in a bakery and her paw got stuck in one of the bread machines), Nibs felt terrible for pushing Teddy into a life of work. So he bought her a dozen of her favorite roses.
Teddy was thrilled Nibs understood. After all, he never had to work when he was a cub. He was born into affluence. But Teddy had to scrape by. So she didn't think he would understand, but he did. When Nibs married her, he changed her life for the better! She wants it to stay "better."
Teddy thinks she may have some kind of Post Traumatic Work Stress Disorder. That's why she can only handle vacations, shopping and fancy dining. She likes the fluff stuff. Like these gorgeous roses!
Alls well that ends well. Teddy and Nibs are back on track. Nibs promised Teddy that she'd never have to work again. Then he took her bread-machine injured paw and held it.
They ended their talk with a bear smooch. That Teddy is sure lucky to have Nibs in her life!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Argument

June 21, 2010
While enjoying coffee and cookies yesterday in the late afternoon, Teddy and Nibs had a serious talk about whether or not Teddy should get a job.
Teddy said that if she worked then she wouldn't be around to entertain Nibs with her "drama." Teddy reminded Nibs that her "drama" was fun!
Nibs countered that he was only thinking about Teddy and how perhaps a creative, fun job might fulfill her more than all these mini vacations.
Teddy said she didn't understand Nibs' logic and that if he wanted a working woman he should have married one!
Nibs got a little scared because Teddy was waving her paw around like a crazy bear! That's when he said, "Well, whatever makes you happy Teddy!" Nibs has never seen Teddy so enraged. She must really not want a job.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Should Teddy Get A Job?

June 18, 2010
As soon as Teddy got back to L.A. she started thinking about her next vacation. Perusing the latest Hello magazines gave her a few ideas. Paris might be a good choice!
The Los Angeles Times advertised several good deals to Hawaii. Hmmm, Teddy wondered if it would be too crowded this time of year.
Just as Teddy was about to make a list of her travel destination options, Nibs interrupted her.
He then said those words she never thought she'd hear Nibs say: "Teddy you might want to think about getting a job." A job??? Teddy started to feel queasy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So Long Encore!

June 17, 2010
Sigh. Time for Teddy to go back to reality. This isn't easy for her. This morning she dragged her feet to the lobby where she grabbed her last cup of Encore coffee.
On her way out Teddy looked outside at the pool area. That's funny. Teddy never thought about going out doors at the Encore before! Hmmm... Guess Vegas just does that to you.
Teddy shed a little bear tear as she waited for her limo to pick her up. So long Encore! Weep weep.
Teddy is already thinking about her next trip. That Teddy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nibs Called...

June 16, 2010
Nibs called today. He wants Teddy to come home. He says he misses her "drama." (!)
Teddy said OK, but she had to get in one last day of gambling. The last Lakes vs. Celtics game is tomorrow night and she wanted to bet on it. Who knew Teddy followed sports???
She also put a few hundies on the craps table...and won!
After a few hours Teddy went back to her suite to pack up. Weep weep.
It's so hard saying goodbye to the Encore.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bathroom Fit For A...Bear!

June 15, 2010
Teddy was wowed by the enormous two-sink bathroom in her Encore suite. It's almost as big as her first pre-Nibs studio apartment (everything was lesser pre-Nibs).
The tub was huge! Teddy needed a life jacket to float in it.
The shower had some pretty lovely amenities. Teddy is really into freebies.
And there's nothing better than a robe to keep you warm after a bath. Just don't steal it or the hotel will charge your Visa card!
And, guess what? There was a second bathroom near the entrance to the suite.
A two-bathroom suite. Does it get any better than this? Teddy never wants to leave.

An Encore For Encore

June 15, 2010
Teddy was so enthralled by the Encore that she took an extended walk around the Las Vegas hotel. Check out this meeting area with the Chinese lanterns. Brilliant!
 Then there are these illuminated peacocks. The photo does not do them justice.
Here's a detail shot sans Teddy. I know, it's hard not having beautiful Teddy in the shot, but sometimes you can't have it all!
Here's Teddy in the lobby. She looks lost! Like all the red?
Check out this sitting area. Swanky, no? Teddy loves the couch.
More to come...