Monday, June 21, 2010

The Argument

June 21, 2010
While enjoying coffee and cookies yesterday in the late afternoon, Teddy and Nibs had a serious talk about whether or not Teddy should get a job.
Teddy said that if she worked then she wouldn't be around to entertain Nibs with her "drama." Teddy reminded Nibs that her "drama" was fun!
Nibs countered that he was only thinking about Teddy and how perhaps a creative, fun job might fulfill her more than all these mini vacations.
Teddy said she didn't understand Nibs' logic and that if he wanted a working woman he should have married one!
Nibs got a little scared because Teddy was waving her paw around like a crazy bear! That's when he said, "Well, whatever makes you happy Teddy!" Nibs has never seen Teddy so enraged. She must really not want a job.


  1. What did Teddy do when she and Nibs met? Was she a trust-fund bear? What kind of cookies are those? They look like moon pies! And how do 'Tibs' take their coffee? Perhaps the idea of working is discombobulating Teddy. Might she start of gradually with a few hours of volunteering a week? This could ease her into the concept.

  2. Doesn't Nibs have a job? What does he do, by the way? These bears are rather mysterious!

  3. I guess Nibs has been reading the comments posted. We underestimated Teddy's aversion to "work." Maybe Nibs should have approached it another way, like suggesting jobs that could maximize her travels, shopping and eating.

  4. Teddy had some bad experiences in the work place...

  5. One of those once bitten, twice shy bear things. Poor Teddy. Nibs needs to approach with caution.