Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Girls!

June 3, 2010
Nibs picked up a new book for Teddy thinking she could benefit from less TV time and more reading. The book? Some Girls: My Life in a Harem by Jillian Lauren. Teddy could not put it down!
It's about a New York City call girl who says yes to spending several weeks in Prince Jefri's harem in Brunei in the early 90s. She ends up staying for several months, shopping at Chanel, gulping champagne nightly and being gifted diamond-encrusted Rolex watches. She leaves with about $100,000.
The author survived the weird ordeal (living in a harem has its downside, like competitiveness). She's now married to Scott Shriner from the rock band Weezer, has an adopted son and lives in L.A. See her picture below.
Teddy felt sorry for Jillian. She went through a lot! If she had a guy like Nibs in her life she would never have had to experience all that weirdness. Nice to see she came out of it OK.


  1. the book is just over 300 pages and goes by fast! click on the BLUE title above and buy it today. very good

  2. Tell Nibs he's a day late and a dollar short; I'm already married! Thanks for this. It made my whole day!

  3. Jillian, you rock! Hope you are busy writing another book :) Some Girls was an amazing read. Teddy never gets through a book in just ONE day (she usually takes months to read a measly pamphlet). That's a compliment to your writing style, big time!