Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teddy's Journal

June 24, 2010
In an effort to get her mind off her craving for perpetual vacations,Teddy started to write her deepest thoughts in her TEDDY BEAR JOURNAL.
But as soon as she started writing she found herself complaining about Nibs, which made her feel guilty. After all, without Nibs she would still be back at that bakery in Santa Barbara making bread.
She also wondered if Nibs might take a peek inside the journal when she's out getting frozen yogurt or shopping for purses at the mall. That would be devastating! Just as she was thinking this, Nibs approached.
"What are you writing about Teddy?" Nibs asked. Teddy was frozen with fear. Uh-oh. She might have to dispose of the journal ASAP. This could lead to a lot of fights!


  1. should Teddy get rid of the journal?

  2. No! Please don't dispose of the journal! It looks too beautiful to dispose of!!! (By the way, where did Teddy find this lovely, teddy bear-themed journal?)

  3. Teddy should keep writing in the journal. It could help sort out her feelings. That way she might not get so frustrated with Nibs. Besides, Nibs does not strike me as the kind of bear who would read someone's diary without permission.

  4. Maybe Teddy could try sharing (gently) her feelings with Nibs about what she finds frustrating. This way, he could learn of how he's vexing her, and perhaps do things a little differently. This might help them grow even closer!