Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleep (Un)tight

June 14, 2010
It's may be true that Vegas never sleeps, but Teddy certainly does! Come 5 a.m. she was ready to hit the hay. Check out her bedroom at the Encore. Extra large and fab!
Teddy hopped in without even washing her paws, that's how exhausted she was!
But then an odd thing happened. After reclining in this posh bed for over an hour, she still couldn't fall asleep.
Teddy thinks perhaps they pump something into the air in the casinos to keep you awake. Something like highly concentrated oxygen! Could she be right?
Teddy found this note left of the bed quite ironic. How can anyone sleep tight in Vegas with all that stuff they make you breathe?


  1. interestingly, they sell these beds in a store inside the Encore. they actually advertise that they sell the beds, linens, everything in the room... so weird.

  2. Maybe Teddy can't sleep because she misses Nibs?!

  3. going point. she hasn't said much about Nibs... but I am sure she misses him. stay tuned!