Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roses Fix Everything!

June 23, 2010
After Teddy explained to Nibs that she has had some bad work experiences (when she was a cub she was forced to work in a bakery and her paw got stuck in one of the bread machines), Nibs felt terrible for pushing Teddy into a life of work. So he bought her a dozen of her favorite roses.
Teddy was thrilled Nibs understood. After all, he never had to work when he was a cub. He was born into affluence. But Teddy had to scrape by. So she didn't think he would understand, but he did. When Nibs married her, he changed her life for the better! She wants it to stay "better."
Teddy thinks she may have some kind of Post Traumatic Work Stress Disorder. That's why she can only handle vacations, shopping and fancy dining. She likes the fluff stuff. Like these gorgeous roses!
Alls well that ends well. Teddy and Nibs are back on track. Nibs promised Teddy that she'd never have to work again. Then he took her bread-machine injured paw and held it.
They ended their talk with a bear smooch. That Teddy is sure lucky to have Nibs in her life!


  1. It's interesting to read something about Teddy's past. So now I am curious about how Teddy and Nibs met. It must be a lovely story.

  2. that story will come soon... stay tuned!