Friday, June 18, 2010

Should Teddy Get A Job?

June 18, 2010
As soon as Teddy got back to L.A. she started thinking about her next vacation. Perusing the latest Hello magazines gave her a few ideas. Paris might be a good choice!
The Los Angeles Times advertised several good deals to Hawaii. Hmmm, Teddy wondered if it would be too crowded this time of year.
Just as Teddy was about to make a list of her travel destination options, Nibs interrupted her.
He then said those words she never thought she'd hear Nibs say: "Teddy you might want to think about getting a job." A job??? Teddy started to feel queasy.


  1. the LA Times has an impressive travel section. to subscribe go to

  2. A job!?! If Nibs was missing Teddy and all her "drama," he really asked for it now!

  3. How can a bear of leisure get a job? Would that be like trying to mix oil and water? Oh, here's a thought! Maybe Teddy could be a model for a leisure magazine! It would be Teddy in her natural state, and she would be contributing to the economy and setting an example for other would-be leisure-seekers! Plus, her natural beauty would make her a shoe-in, I imagine.

  4. Or, perhaps this unexpected announcement from Nibs should make Teddy need to recline immediately for some much-needed repose? Did Nibs have that eye mask handy when he sprung this on Teddy?

  5. I believe Teddy is going to fight this tooth and paw!