Monday, June 28, 2010


June 28, 2010
After a difficult few weeks where Nibs threatened to send Teddy into the workforce, the stress caught up with our favorite bear. Last night she couldn't sleep a wink.
Instead of lying there counting sheep, Teddy grabbed a book, 365 Ways to Look - and Feel - Younger: Everyday Tips to Reduce Wrinkles, Improve Memory, Boost Libido, Build Muscles, and More!
You see, Teddy is turning 30 in a few weeks and she's very worried that she is losing her beauty.
One of the chapters, ironically, was about getting enough sleep (!). The others were about exercising and eating right.
Not heeding the advice of the book, Teddy grabbed a plate of bite-size brownies. The smell of the freshly baked treats woke Nibs.
Together they snacked on the desserts and Teddy revealed her worries. After all, Teddy said, Los Angeles is a tough town where everyone judges you on your looks! Nibs told Teddy she had nothing to worry about! She was still stunning. But then he started to worry. What is he going to get the bear that has everything for her birthday?



  2. How old is Nibs?

  3. that will be revealed...soon
    you have probably already guessed that he is OLDER because he is so much more mature

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