Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nibs Called...

June 16, 2010
Nibs called today. He wants Teddy to come home. He says he misses her "drama." (!)
Teddy said OK, but she had to get in one last day of gambling. The last Lakes vs. Celtics game is tomorrow night and she wanted to bet on it. Who knew Teddy followed sports???
She also put a few hundies on the craps table...and won!
After a few hours Teddy went back to her suite to pack up. Weep weep.
It's so hard saying goodbye to the Encore.


  1. should teddy go home? or should she DEFY Nibs and stay a few more days?

  2. Teddy should remember that Nibs arranged for the Vegas trip in the first place. I am sure there will be more fun trips soon.

  3. Yes, but Teddy is not reasonable. She is like a child! She does whatever she wants! I will pass on your words of wisdom to Teddy and see if anything sinks in. thanks

  4. Yes, Teddy is all id. She thinks first of her own pleasure but that is what makes her so adorable. Poor Nibs is trapped in her charms.