Thursday, March 31, 2011

Edward Talk

March 31, 2011
Teddy could just not cook last night (like she ever does!) so she ordered in a little Mediterranean takeout to shake things up.
Over hummus, pita bread, shrimp and rice, Nibs dropped the news that Edward is upset over Fopsie's upcoming nuptials to Herbert. (A very concerned Mr. Brown passed the information on.)
That made Teddy sad. "Nibs, you know, if he met another cute bear, then he would forget all about Fopsie," Teddy said. "Should I get my matchmaking skills together?"
For once Nibs thought Teddy had a good idea! "OK, Teddy, I give you the 'paws up' to get to work!" said Nibs. Teddy is thrilled!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Edward Crushed Fopsie Is Marrying

March 30, 2011
Last night Edward went over to his old pal Mr. Brown's house for some wine and talk.
"So, are you going to Fopsie's wedding on May 7?" Mr. Brown politely inquired.
"Fopsie is getting married?" Edward asked meekly, then he put his head down. Oh no! Edward is taking this hard.
Mr. Brown felt terrible for leaking the news about his ex to Edward. "There are other bears in the woods, you know Edward," Mr. Brown said. "Maybe you should go on"
Mr. Brown had a point. It was time for Edward to move on. Sounds like a job for, you guessed it, Teddy! It's been a while since she used those matchmaking skills.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Bachelorette Party

March 29, 2011
Last night Teddy looked through the April 2011 issue of Vanity Fair with Robert Pattinson on the cover because inside there was an article on Kate Middleton and her family.
Teddy had just read online about how Kate's Maid of Honor (and sister) Pippa threw Kate a "Dirty Dancing" themed bachelorette party in Bucklebury, England.,,20395222_20477147,00.html
It made Teddy think that she really ought to throw Fopsie a Bachelorette party. Hmmm, what to do... Maybe Teddy should ask for her sister Felicia's help?
Here, above, is a picture of Kate (left) and her sister Pippa. Teddy wishes she got along as well with Felicia. Maybe Teddy will try harder this year to be a good pal to her only sister.
The article, titled "Meet The Parents," had a wealth of information about Kate's mother Carole, like how she's on the strict Dukan Diet (cottage cheese and meats) and is considered a "gauche climber." So harsh! Lucky for Fopsie, her family won't be under such an intense spotlight when she marries Herbert on May 7.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Katie Holmes' Fashion In The Kennedys

March 28, 2011
Last night Teddy took in the new miniseries The Kennedys which Fopsie had given to her in early screener DVD format. The series airs on the Reelz Channel next week.
Teddy noticed something interesting about the way Katie was styled. Yes, her wig was odd and actually seemed askew in several scenes, but more interestingly, Katie's Jackie wore pearls with nearly every ensemble! Just like Teddy! Could Jackie have stolen Teddy's signature look?
The fashion was pretty fun to watch, especially when Katie's Jackie got gussied up for a big night with her President husband Jack, played by Greg Kinnear. The pink dress with white gloves number was by far Teddy's favorite.
Even the casual numbers, like this light pink mock turtleneck top, were stylish in a 1960s kind of way.
There was a lot of pink clothing in this film. Katie's Jackie even wore a pink nightgown, that was stunning but looked awfully uncomfortable, to bed. In this scene below Katie's Jackie is trying to locate her cheatin' man!
The series is superbly done with top actors and incredible sets. But Teddy kept wishing there had been more glamour, and more Jackie! Starts April 3.

Friday, March 25, 2011


March 25, 2011
Trying to avoid Teddy's steady stream of Fopsie wedding talk, Nibs retreated to a corner of the living room to read his new book Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell.
The non-fiction book is about the February 15, 2003 diamond robbery in Antwerp performed by a ring of smooth Italian criminals that masterminded their way into a heavily guarded vault without hurting anyone.
After Nibs was a few chapters in, Teddy came along to check on him. "What are you doing Nibs?" she asked. "Do you need some coffee or chocolates?" You see, it's not only Nibs who is nosy. Teddy is equally as nosy. That's what happens after 10 years of marriage. You keep getting into each other's business!
Nibs asked Teddy to join him in reading a chapter. Teddy thought that was sweet. Teddy normally doesn't read books, just tabloids. But she liked this book because it was about diamonds, a girl's best friend.
The details were incredible. Teddy had no clue most diamonds came from South Africa and were controlled by the DeBeers company (which should be named DeBears, thought Teddy). Teddy felt good learning something for a change that didn't have to do with Emily Maynard or Brad Womack or Dancing with the Stars!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Teddy's Garden

March 24, 2011
After those thunderous March showers in L.A., Teddy felt the need to check on her garden. Her newly planted lime tree was still intact.
Her orchids shone a little brighter. These are RARE Brazilian orchids that thrive outside.
And then there's the omnipresent Bougainvillea that grows over much of Southern California. You can always count on their fucsia leaves to brighten your day!
How did your garden brave the Storm of 2011?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fopsie's Guest List

March 23, 2011
Last night Teddy thought it was by high time she put reality TV aside so she could start drafting the guest list for Fopsie's May 7 wedding.
And, yup, there came Nibs just like clockwork. That Nibs is always checking up on Teddy! (Does the bear in your life ever do this to you?)
Before Teddy could say, "Go away Nibs!" he had taken the list from her and scrawled down the names of two friends he wanted to attend the wedding! Teddy was in shock.
Edward and Mr. Brown? How could Nibs want them at the wedding? First of all, Fopsie dated Edward just before meeting Herbert and then Edward tried hard to win her heart back. Second of all, Nibs set up Fopsie with Mr. Brown when he already had a girlfriend!!!
Teddy thought these suggestions were quite inappropriate and she let her "Helicopter Husband," as she called him, know it. He replied, "Just ask Fopsie if it's OK, Teddy."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kirstie Alley Breakout Star of Dancing With the Stars

March 22, 2011
We all knew it wouldn't be long before Teddy was hooked on another reality show. Last night she took in the premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC. Nibs refused to watch with Teddy.
Shockingly. Kirstie Alley, 60, was the hit of the night! She danced last and not only looked fantastic, but she could move! She was also fearless.
It also looked like she has lots a lot of weight. She is far from her days of a "Fat Actress." Kirstie, who had pal Kelly Preston there to cheer her on, also cracked some cute jokes. Teddy is already a fan.
Her score was 23, which is FIVE points higher than Kendra Wilkinson's, who was pegged early on as a front runner for the show. Kendra, who had Hugh Hefner and husband Hank Baskett there to cheer her on, was stiff and like fellow "Girls Next Door" star and former DWTS dancer Holly Madison, didn't exude a lot of charm. Could Kirstie win? MAYBE!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Herbert Visits Fopsie At Her Office

March 18, 2011
Worried that his fiancee has gotten nervous about their May 7 nuptials, Herbert went to Fopsie's office on Wilshire Blvd. for a face-to-face talk.
Herbert had never been to Fopsie's place of employment before. It all looked so big and cold. Poor Fops had to come here every day? Herbert started wondering if his gal liked being a big-time TV producer.
Herbert found his way up to her office, bypassing security so he could surprise her. He wasn't sure this was a good idea, but he did it anyhow.
Finally he found her door and opened it. There was his Fopsie sitting at her desk, working away. Fopsie greeted Herbert with a slight smile and a nervous hello.
Herbert asked Fopsie if she had gotten cold paws about their wedding. She confessed that she had. But then she said she had just gotten off the phone with Teddy who promised Fopsie that her life would only get better with marriage and she'd never have to give up her career or social life or anything! Hmmm, so Teddy was on Herbert's side after all....
Fopsie gave Herbert a big hug and apologized for going AWOL. He told his Fops that he thinks all bears get pre-wedding jitters and he was just relieved that Fopsie was over hers. Once again, Teddy saved the day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Split?

March 17, 2011
Several of the other magazines ran with the angle that Brad and Emily from The Bachelor are on the rocks. InTouch has a nasty story about how Emily has been seeing car dealership owner Brett J. Barniske-Bertolami (what a name!) behind Brad's back and they also name the country singer Emily used to date: Jake Owen.
Life & Style magazine wrote that Emily and Brad have already split, which can't be true because Teddy has already seen a paparazzi photo of them together in Austin taken in the last few days. They looked happy.
Star's story was about how Emily wants a baby now (which she admitted in People) and how it's all too much for bar-owner Brad, who is used to the single life. Sounds spot on.
UsWeekly rehashed what was already said on the "After The Final Rose" show, which is that Brad wanted to get hitched in Anguilla but Emily put the brakes on that.
Teddy's head is spinning! She is so confused about this couple--are they happy or not? She needs to take a break from reality TV. But wait! Dancing With the Stars, Teddy's other fave reality show, starts next week. Teddy just can't get a break!

Emily Maynard Pregnant?

March 17, 2011
Yesterday Teddy made Nibs go to Al's newsstand on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills to buy all the tabloids so she could see what they were writing about Emily Maynard and Brad Womack from The Bachelor.
People magazine had the most to offer because they had an interview and photo shoot (in Malibu) with the couple. On the cover they said that Emily wants to have a baby! CRAZY. A baby?
Something just isn't right here. Emily refuses to move from Charlotte, North Carolina to Austin, Texas to live with Brad and she doesn't want to set a wedding date, but she wants to get pregnant with him? Doesn't make sense. How does little Ricki feel about that?
Elsewhere in the article, titled "From Roses To Reality," we learn that Emily has a "potty mouth" and that Brad has been buying Emily gifts--a Cartier bracelet and a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes--to tame her fiery Southern Belle temper.
We also find out that Emily's engagement ring cost $50,000, not $90,000 as was reported; that Ashley Hebert is indeed the next Bachelorette (which Teddy already reported--that smart bear); and that Chantal O'Brien is for sure dating Seattle businessman Jeff Razore (good for her!). Can Teddy now finally put all this Bachelor madness behind her? NO! There are more tabloids to go through! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Herbert's Worried About Fopsie

March 16, 2011
For the past few days Fopsie hasn't been taking Herbert's calls. He's worried she may be getting cold paws. So he took a walk through Palisades Park to think this all over.
Herbert knows that Fopsie has been a career woman her whole life. Maybe she's afraid to add "wife" to her life resume? Herbert hopes this isn't the case.
Maybe his crazy cousin Teddy has put some skewed thoughts in Fopsie's head? No, that can't be true. Teddy is very pro marriage and planning their wedding has been quite exciting for her. She calls Herbert every day with suggestions.
Herbert wants some answers. He might even stop by Fopsie's office for a surprise visit. After all, he needs to know the truth and he's gotta hear it directly from his fiancee.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chantal O'Brien's New Boyfriend

March 15, 2011
The hardest part about watching The Bachelor: After The Final Rose last night was not witnessing the thick tension between Emily Maynard and Brad Womack, who are hot and cold and look like they will never marry. It was seeing Chantal O'Brien break down in tears. It really tore Teddy's little heart up!
Chantal was really into Brad and just couldn't handle his rejection in Cape Town, South Africa. Teddy has been there, she too has had heartbreak. Before Nibs there was a guy named Beffalo that broke Teddy's heart in a zillion pieces. Weep weep.
But don't be too sad for Chantal. Teddy read this morning that she's dating Seattle businessman Jeff Razore. And, let's not forget, Chantal has great parents, a nice house and that cute dog. Her life isn't total yuck. To read a recent Q&A with Chantal go to:,,20473849,00.html

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Fighting! After The Final Rose Goes Sour...

March 15, 2011
Last night's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose show made Teddy very uneasy. Emily Maynard said she wouldn't move to Austin, Texas for Brad Womack because they have to work on "how they argue" and she doesn't like his "temper." Host Chris Harrison also let drop that they broke up for a while after the show wrapped in November and are now working on their relationship--which is long distance! YIKES.
Also interesting is how Emily clearly had a makeover. Her white hair, which Teddy liked, has turned to a more subdued honey blonde. She also had a tougher demeanor, like she's been through hell with Brad (she seemed pissed at him) and feels the need to guard herself. This is not good.
Emily was not wearing her Neil Lane diamond engagement ring (Teddy LOVES it), which put Teddy's fur on edge for a while. But then Brad explained that he had the pricey bauble sized for "Em," as he calls her. And he slipped it back on. Whew!
Teddy loved the part where they brought on the stage the successful Bachelor couples. We're all a little tired of Trista and Ryan (thought they do seem affable enough). More fun were Ali Fedotowsky (love Ali) and Robert Martinez who seemed seriously in love. More than any other guy up there, Roberto is the most "Nibs," as in solid, sweet and real. Jason Mesnick and Molly (last name? Malaney?) were OK.
All in all, Teddy was very disturbed by the After the Final Rose reunion. Does it look like Emily and Brad will make it? No. Teddy thinks the problem is that Brad is 38 and set in his ways and because he's a successful bar owner he feels his way is the right way. Emily seems fiercely protective of her heart and her cute 5-year-old Ricki. Can they meet in the middle? Teddy hopes so. Teddy's thoughts on Chantal O'Brien later....