Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fopsie's Wedding Will Be Better Than Kate Middleton's!

March 2, 2011
Teddy was thrilled with Fopsie's good news that she's set May 7 as her wedding date. Because the wedding is only ONE week after Kate Middleton's, Teddy decided to steal some ideas from that future princess so she perused last week's People magazine that promised to reveal "Kate's Wedding Secrets."
Hmmm, Fopsie and Herbert certainly don't look much like Kate and Prince William (son of the late Princess Diana). But that doesn't really matter, does it?
The invites: Teddy thinks Kate and William's are too plain. She suspects a royal higher up insisted on no frills. Fopsie's invites will have more razzle dazzle to them and maybe even a touch of glitter! :)
Teddy won't be able to compete with the royal transportation. Kate will take a Rolls-Royce to the church and a horse-drawn carriage from the church. Teddy is fairly certain a horse-drawn carriage is not in Fopsie's budget.
Big celebrities like Elton John and Posh Spice are going to the royal wedding. How can Teddy get some celebrities to Fopsie's wedding? She'll have to work on that!

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