Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Bachelorette Party

March 29, 2011
Last night Teddy looked through the April 2011 issue of Vanity Fair with Robert Pattinson on the cover because inside there was an article on Kate Middleton and her family.
Teddy had just read online about how Kate's Maid of Honor (and sister) Pippa threw Kate a "Dirty Dancing" themed bachelorette party in Bucklebury, England.
It made Teddy think that she really ought to throw Fopsie a Bachelorette party. Hmmm, what to do... Maybe Teddy should ask for her sister Felicia's help?
Here, above, is a picture of Kate (left) and her sister Pippa. Teddy wishes she got along as well with Felicia. Maybe Teddy will try harder this year to be a good pal to her only sister.
The article, titled "Meet The Parents," had a wealth of information about Kate's mother Carole, like how she's on the strict Dukan Diet (cottage cheese and meats) and is considered a "gauche climber." So harsh! Lucky for Fopsie, her family won't be under such an intense spotlight when she marries Herbert on May 7.

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