Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gas Is $4 A Gallon!

March 9, 2011
With Nibs in bed from a flu, Teddy had to run all the errands today (!) and that meant filling the Benz up with gasoline. So she stopped at the Arco on Wilshire and Robertson Blvd.
It's been years since Teddy filled-'er-up herself and she couldn't believe how gas prices have skyrocketed thanks to the turmoil in the Middle East. Her gas was almost $4 a gallon and she didn't even get the "premium"!
Teddy tried her best to not get her paws dirty, but that sure isn't easy when you're in a gas station!
This is tough work for a fragile little bear. The nozzle weighs a ton! She could barely lift it.
And the worst part is many of these gas stations don't have proper mini marts in them. Teddy can't even buy herself a pack of M&M's to reward herself for all that hard work! Grrrr.... How is your day going?

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  1. Oh dear, Teddy! Your car rides will cost more. But think of little Trumble in Wales. Like all bears, he enjoys a trip, but gas in Wales is now a little over £5.20 a gallon and that is about $8 so he hardly goes out any more.