Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack Fighting! After The Final Rose Goes Sour...

March 15, 2011
Last night's The Bachelor: After the Final Rose show made Teddy very uneasy. Emily Maynard said she wouldn't move to Austin, Texas for Brad Womack because they have to work on "how they argue" and she doesn't like his "temper." Host Chris Harrison also let drop that they broke up for a while after the show wrapped in November and are now working on their relationship--which is long distance! YIKES.
Also interesting is how Emily clearly had a makeover. Her white hair, which Teddy liked, has turned to a more subdued honey blonde. She also had a tougher demeanor, like she's been through hell with Brad (she seemed pissed at him) and feels the need to guard herself. This is not good.
Emily was not wearing her Neil Lane diamond engagement ring (Teddy LOVES it), which put Teddy's fur on edge for a while. But then Brad explained that he had the pricey bauble sized for "Em," as he calls her. And he slipped it back on. Whew!
Teddy loved the part where they brought on the stage the successful Bachelor couples. We're all a little tired of Trista and Ryan (thought they do seem affable enough). More fun were Ali Fedotowsky (love Ali) and Robert Martinez who seemed seriously in love. More than any other guy up there, Roberto is the most "Nibs," as in solid, sweet and real. Jason Mesnick and Molly (last name? Malaney?) were OK.
All in all, Teddy was very disturbed by the After the Final Rose reunion. Does it look like Emily and Brad will make it? No. Teddy thinks the problem is that Brad is 38 and set in his ways and because he's a successful bar owner he feels his way is the right way. Emily seems fiercely protective of her heart and her cute 5-year-old Ricki. Can they meet in the middle? Teddy hopes so. Teddy's thoughts on Chantal O'Brien later....

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