Friday, March 25, 2011


March 25, 2011
Trying to avoid Teddy's steady stream of Fopsie wedding talk, Nibs retreated to a corner of the living room to read his new book Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell.
The non-fiction book is about the February 15, 2003 diamond robbery in Antwerp performed by a ring of smooth Italian criminals that masterminded their way into a heavily guarded vault without hurting anyone.
After Nibs was a few chapters in, Teddy came along to check on him. "What are you doing Nibs?" she asked. "Do you need some coffee or chocolates?" You see, it's not only Nibs who is nosy. Teddy is equally as nosy. That's what happens after 10 years of marriage. You keep getting into each other's business!
Nibs asked Teddy to join him in reading a chapter. Teddy thought that was sweet. Teddy normally doesn't read books, just tabloids. But she liked this book because it was about diamonds, a girl's best friend.
The details were incredible. Teddy had no clue most diamonds came from South Africa and were controlled by the DeBeers company (which should be named DeBears, thought Teddy). Teddy felt good learning something for a change that didn't have to do with Emily Maynard or Brad Womack or Dancing with the Stars!

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  1. You know, being nosy about what your spouse is up to might be a good thing. I think in Teddy and Nibs' case, they kind of miss the other's company and that is why they go poking around.