Monday, March 7, 2011

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

March 7, 2011
Because Fopsie is getting married one week after Kate Middleton ties the knot with Prince William at Westminster Abbey, she doesn't want her dress looking anything like that of the future princess. So she asked her Maid Of Honor Teddy to think up something not-Kate. Yesterday, Teddy had Fopsie over for coffee and Lindt chocolates to discuss.
That savvy Teddy went to a fabric store and got swatches of gorgeous lace that she thought would be perfect for Fopsie's gown.
Look how lovely the lace is. Teddy heard that Kate's dress will be made of satin and that Sarah Burton, the creative director at Alexander McQueen, is doing the designing. Fops prefers a lace look, like the dress Grace Kelly wore when she wed the Prince of Monaco.
Prettttttty lace. Look at how it shimmers! (Teddy really gets into this stuff.) It was only a few moments till Nibs was popping his head in to check on the ladies.
Luckily, a few pieces of chocolate were enough to get Nibs to walk away. Teddy doesn't like men around when she's girl talking!

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