Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emily Maynard a Gold Digger!

March 3, 2011
Teddy has got to stop buying these tabloids! Yesterday she picked up the new InTouch Weekly because the cover story was about how The Bachelor winner Emily Maynard, 24, is out for fame and fortune, and not Brad's heart! The cover line? "Tricked By Emily's Lies." Ouch.
The article exposes Emily's past, like how she was never really engaged to race car driver Ricky, and worst of all, that she's dated celebrities like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and some country music star in Tennessee!
The "source," who is Ricky's ex-fiancee, went on to say North Carolina native Emily loved being in the spotlight and was kind of a Nascar groupie of sorts who was always at the track. Can this be the same fragile Emily we see each week on The Bachelor?
Teddy also learned that Emily hosted a racing show on TV in 2007 called "Three Wide Life." So it's not like she's a shy one. Check out her photo below from her hosting gig. She looks very different. These days she's far slimmer and blonder.
Teddy just can't believe all these negative things the ex-fiancee is saying about Emily. It can't be true. But Teddy will say that Emily is not her favorite. Teddy prefers Chantal O'Brien, the #2 who looks a lot like Marion Cotillard. Can't say why, just does.


  1. I say, I saw her slide show of her & Ricky.
    Question.................where'e the ring?

  2. good point
    the whole thing is odd
    she must have said she was engaged so it wouldn't seem like she got pregnant without a ring or some type of a commitment....

  3. I read the article and it was disappointing I favored Emily but now if this is true I hope he chooses Chantel. It was odd that when Brad met the families she was never introduced to Emily's family. Odd that we don't know more other than Ricky.Can't wait till next week!

  4. you can find the info on Wikipedia and the info has been confirmed that's she is telling the truth you all have nothing better to do than just to lie you should stop telling lies about people that's crazy why don't you go read it yourself

  5. Those without sin, cast the first stone. Emily appears to be a lovely young woman, and a devoted mother...enough said. AND by the way, it is Brad's choice, none of ours.

  6. Wikipedia is a good source for elementary research.

  7. There actually is photos of Emily with Ricky and an engagement ring. So keep looking!