Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Edward Crushed Fopsie Is Marrying

March 30, 2011
Last night Edward went over to his old pal Mr. Brown's house for some wine and talk.
"So, are you going to Fopsie's wedding on May 7?" Mr. Brown politely inquired.
"Fopsie is getting married?" Edward asked meekly, then he put his head down. Oh no! Edward is taking this hard.
Mr. Brown felt terrible for leaking the news about his ex to Edward. "There are other bears in the woods, you know Edward," Mr. Brown said. "Maybe you should go on"
Mr. Brown had a point. It was time for Edward to move on. Sounds like a job for, you guessed it, Teddy! It's been a while since she used those matchmaking skills.


  1. Who would you recommend for Edward?

  2. OOH! Hard to make a suggestion. But, this being the year of (yet another - let's hope it lasts this time) a royal wedding here in the UK, we are sure love is in the air and Edward will find his meant-to-be princess very soon.

  3. "Other bears in the woods" -- what a hoot! That is an excellent idea to have Teddy find Edward a match. She should start an online matchmaking service and call it