Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Herbert's Worried About Fopsie

March 16, 2011
For the past few days Fopsie hasn't been taking Herbert's calls. He's worried she may be getting cold paws. So he took a walk through Palisades Park to think this all over.
Herbert knows that Fopsie has been a career woman her whole life. Maybe she's afraid to add "wife" to her life resume? Herbert hopes this isn't the case.
Maybe his crazy cousin Teddy has put some skewed thoughts in Fopsie's head? No, that can't be true. Teddy is very pro marriage and planning their wedding has been quite exciting for her. She calls Herbert every day with suggestions.
Herbert wants some answers. He might even stop by Fopsie's office for a surprise visit. After all, he needs to know the truth and he's gotta hear it directly from his fiancee.


  1. please say it aint so! Fopsie's just been majorly busy that's all!

  2. I think they just need to talk. Maybe an in-person visit to Fopsie with a nice spring bouquet will remind Fopsie of why she wanted to marry Herbert. It could be that all the decisions about the big wedding are adding too much pressure on Fopsie.

  3. Oh, poor Herbert! Perhaps he should discuss his expectations of married life with Fopsie. Does he really want a stay at home wife, or is he expecting to share the running of the house with Fopsie so that she can continue in her career? Perhaps a pre-nup is required here?