Wednesday, August 15, 2012


August 15, 2012
After a few hours in the sun the bears started to feel a "furburn" which is like a sunburn but on fur. If you stay in the sun too long your fur could catch on fire!
Felicia started to think of Teddy's warning: "Wear your furscreen!" Felicia had forgotten to bring her furscreen. :(
Edward had no big complaints, but you know how men are! They never want to come off as wimpy.
Starting to feel the fur on her ears singe, Felicia decided to risk being shark bitten and take a dip in the Pacific Ocean. Gulp!

Honeymoon On The Beach

August 15, 2012
After a stunning wedding at Teddy's house, Felicia and her new hubby Edward (she loves being able to say he's her "hubby") went on a vacation to Malibu!
The weather was perfect. Felicia loves the feeling of sea air blowing through her fur.
Together the newlyweds looked for dolphins...
...and shells.