Friday, May 27, 2011

Flowers From Fopsie

May 27, 2011
Teddy was thrilled with the bouquet of flowers Fopsie sent her, thanking her for putting on such a swishy wedding.
Teddy was proud of herself for a job well done even though not too many bears were in attendance, just their immediate clan.
As Teddy admired the blossoms she wondered when she might be able to host another wedding reception.
Could Edward be close to proposing to Felicia? If so, will he pick out a nice engagement ring? Will he let Teddy arrange the wedding? Would she be Felicia's Maid of Honor? Teddy had a lot to think about...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Italian Soda and Two Sisters

May 26, 2011
At Teddy's request, Felicia stopped by for a talk. Teddy had some things to go over.
Teddy served Italian soda in her gold cocktail glasses, so fancy! Teddy loves her Italian Soda from Whole Foods.
At first the girls small talked but after an hour Teddy came out with her tough question: "Felicia, do you know that after a month of dating Fopsie, Edward suddenly and suspiciously moved to Hong Kong?"
"Yes, Teddy, I do know that. He went for work. It was sudden, but not suspicious," Felicia responded. She took a chocolate to deal with the stress of Teddy's grilling.
"I just want to warn you that bear can be unpredictable!" said Teddy sounding very older-sister-ish.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Checking On Felicia

May 25, 2011
Teddy is worried about her sister Felicia. Is she moving too fast with Edward? So she gave her a ring.
It's not easy dialing with furry paws even though Teddy has an old-fashioned phone with large numbers.
Felicia was nice on the phone and said she would drop by soon for a catch up. She assured Teddy that everything was going fine with Edward.
Call Teddy a worry wart, but she's afraid something might rock the boat with those two bears...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Catfight: Teresa Vs. Melissa

May 24, 2011
What a season it already has been on Real Housewives Of New Jersey! Teresa has alienated her brother Joe and that has made his combative wife Melissa ready to fight.
Melissa (below) is judgmental and jealous--not a good mixture. She calls Teresa "bitchy"--yikes! Teddy loves all this drama but can't get used to the Jersey accents.
Teresa is CLUELESS about it all and doesn't understand that her dirt bag husband Joe is really the source of all the problems because no one likes him. Hello Teresa, wake up and smell the Drakkar Noir (isn't that what Guidos wear?)
During a Christening for Joe and Melissa's son (yes, there are two Joes, it's confusing) there is a huge brawl. Teresa said the show is more "Jersey Shore" than "Real Housewives Of New Jersey." Teresa, Teddy asks you, what's the difference?
The show used to be sweeter, now it's just nasty. Teddy isn't sure she'll tune in this season.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Coffee and Chocolates With The Newlyweds

May 23, 2011
Teddy and Nibs are having fun getting together with newlyweds Fopsie and Herbert so on Saturday night they had them over for coffee and chocolates.
Teddy thanked Fopsie for her postcard from Maui, Hawaii. What a honeymoon that must have been.
Teddy was a little jealous that they had such a wonderful trip. "Nibs it's been an entire year since we went on our last vacation to Mexico," Teddy hinted.
Nibs didn't get the hint but did remark, "Teddy you didn't put many chocolates out! Are there any more in the kitchen?" There were more, but they weren't in the kitchen. They were in Teddy's tummy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fur Fluffing Fun!

May 20, 2011
All that wedding planning took the life out of Teddy's fur. So she snapped up a ton of new product to get that shine back.
Redken has some nice options, like a fur-fluffing mousse! Just what Teddy needs.
The mousse looked kinda tasty, like Starbucks latte foam. Teddy considered sampling it, but then decided that might not be a good idea.
Will the products work? Teddy isn't sure. But it's worth a shot. It's a Friday night and Teddy wants to look sparkly for Nibs over the weekend.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peach Time

May 19, 2011
It's spring! Really spring. Teddy was excited to check on her peaches in the back yard.
Ahhh, a few buds had already popped out. Teddy hopes the squirrels wouldn't get to them.
Teddy is very into her peach tree. She will climb any branch to make sure the proper TLC is being distributed.
Sadly, the peaches won't be edible for another month. Sigh. That's a long time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Herbert Moves In

May 18, 2011
Fopsie had a bigger house than Herbert so she asked her husband to move in and give up his Bachelor Pad. A lot of little things came up once he settled in, like how to share a King Sized bed!
At first he took the left side. And stayed there. It felt weird to Fopsie, like he was soooooo far away.
So she asked him to scooch over. He said, "OK! Be right there!" They were definitely nervous about sharing a bed for the first time (gulp).
Fopsie decided to lighten the mood and made a few jokes. "Herbert, do you know why the skeleton couldn't go to the prom?" she asked.
"No, why?" asked Herbert. "Because he had no-BODY to go with!" The bears chuckled, which eased the tension.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fopsie and Herbert Back From Their Honeymoon

May 17, 2011
Fresh of their honeymoon in the Caribbean, Fopsie and Herbert stopped by Teddy and Nibs' pad for a catch up. Naturally, Teddy (a great hostess) served white wine and cashews to her guests.
Teddy thought it was strange how Fopsie and Herbert shared a chair (!) but she chalked it up to their new lovey dovey status.
Teddy was interested in their travels and how they stayed in a 5 star resort with no telephones and freshly squeezed coconut/papaya juice for breakfast. What a life!

Nibs seemed utterly bored by it all and whenever he spoke he asked Herbert about the Lakers loss or how the stock market was doing. Men!
Which honeymoon sounds better: Fopsie's in the Caribbean or Kate Middleton's in the Seychelles? Comment below please.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kirstie Alley Loses 30 Pounds!

May 15, 2011
Teddy is so impressed with Kirstie Alley, who is in the finals (!) of Dancing With the Stars (go KIRSTIE!). Kirstie has been literally working her tush off while she learns the Samba and Cha-Cha under Maksim Chmerkovskiy's tutelage.
Check out her shapely figure below, which is quite enviable by Middle America's standards. Sure, she's not as svelte as say Brooke Burke, the show's host, but who wants to be that thin anyhow?
Lots of people have criticized Kirstie for her roundness, but Teddy asks, "Isn't this what makes her her?" Not everyone should have Gisele Bundchen's body.
You see, in the bear world bigger is definitely better. Have you ever seen a skinny bear? Uh, most likely not. And if you did, did it look good? Uh, most likely not. Round bears =  happy bears.
Do you think Kirstie will win? She probably won't, but she's on her way for sure to landing in the final two. Tonight a fresh episode airs on ABC. Let's hope Kirstie pulls off all 10s!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Godiva To Shake The Blues

May 13, 2011
Teddy had the blues this morning. All that wedding planning and now nothing. Teddy wonders if Kate Middleton's party planner feels the same way.
When reading a book this morning Nibs popped up out of nowhere (as usual).
"Teddy, you look down, so I bought you a treat," said Nibs. Awww.
Teddy tore off the bow right away. This is just what she needed to get her day going!
"Woo-hoo Nibs! There are so many chocolates here that need to be eaten ASAP," said Teddy as she raised her paws.
Sadly, Teddy did not offer to share. Poor Nibs.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Katy Perry Takes Vanity Fair

May 12, 2011
With Fopsie and Herbert off on their honeymoon, Teddy was left to do her own thing. First things first: she had to check out the Vanity Fair cover of Katy Perry, one of Teddy's fave artists.
The photographs, taken in Paris, are phenomenally great! It looks like a Vogue shoot. Katy has never looked better. Teddy needs to call her makeup artist!
Teddy just can't understand how Katy juggles it all: concerts, press, staying fit, marriage. Teddy can barely put dinner on the table!
And how does Katy deal with a long-distance marriage? After all, Katy is on the road till the fall. When does she get to see new hubby Russell Brand? She claims in the article that there's "never a dull moment" with Russell. Um-hmmm. Seems like there's never a moment period!
This is Teddy's favorite photo, above. It looks so 1940s! Teddy hopes Nibs will take her to Katy's concert when she hits Los Angeles on August 5 through 7....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Cake Was A Hit!

May 11, 2011
Teddy asked for a big slice of wedding cake and she wanted it pronto so Fopsie asked Herbert to get a knife.
That Teddy! So demanding. Herbert stepped in and cut Teddy a slice.
Teddy was in red velvet heaven! Awww, all this wedding work was all worth it, just to have a slice of this yummy cake, she told Nibs.

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

May 10, 2011
There's no dessert quite like wedding cake. Teddy talked Fopsie into a Red Velvet cake from Hansen's Bakery, the same place Khloe Kardashian got her wedding cake when she married Lamar Odom.
Of course Fopsie and Herbert's cake was much smaller, but it was just as delicious.
Herbert approved. He has a big sweet tooth just like Teddy which makes sense because they're cousins. It must run in the clan!
Notice how Teddy put a fresh magnolia on top of the cake. What a nice touch! That bear thinks of everything...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wedding Gift

May 10, 2011
After the bears enjoyed their fabulous meal, Herbert presented Fopsie with a red box.
Fopsie was surprised. She wasn't expecting a gift! Slowly she took the white satin bow off.
A pearl necklace! Like all female bears, Fopsie loves pearls! She could hear Teddy gasp.
Fopsie put it on immediately and gave her new husband a big bear hug.