Friday, May 27, 2011

Flowers From Fopsie

May 27, 2011
Teddy was thrilled with the bouquet of flowers Fopsie sent her, thanking her for putting on such a swishy wedding.
Teddy was proud of herself for a job well done even though not too many bears were in attendance, just their immediate clan.
As Teddy admired the blossoms she wondered when she might be able to host another wedding reception.
Could Edward be close to proposing to Felicia? If so, will he pick out a nice engagement ring? Will he let Teddy arrange the wedding? Would she be Felicia's Maid of Honor? Teddy had a lot to think about...


  1. Dear Teddy,
    You and your friends and family are such stars.
    My little neighbour comes round to read your blog with me. When her teacher and class were discussing their favourite TV shows and the conversation turned to the soap stars they like best, R firmly announce that your show was the best and you are a great star.
    Many puzzled teachers and 8 year old kids are searching the TV listings for a show called Teddy and Nibs. I was asked at the school gate, but told them they would just have to keep looking.
    The search for Teddy goes on and R is allowed to talk about your romantic life in show and tell each week. Your mystique must be maintained.

  2. thank you for spreading the word! I am glad you like Teddy and Nibs' shenanigans. More drama to come, promise. :)