Monday, May 9, 2011

The Wedding Reception

May 9, 2011
After the spectacular ceremony at St. Timothy Church, Fopsie and Herbert held a wedding reception in Teddy's back yard. It was all planned and executed by Teddy herself.
Herbert and Fopsie started the lunch off with a champagne toast which was dedicated to Teddy for matchmaking the two bears in the first place! Teddy shed a tiny little bear tear but no one noticed because it soaked into her fur.
Like the flowers and champagne Teddy chose? Only the best for her pal Fopsie!
Even Fopsie's ex Edward and his new gal Felicia (Teddy's sister) were there. That Fopsie! She was so happy that Edward had found a new bearlette that she wanted him to celebrate her big day with her.
Even Nibs was in a good mood! Nibs is a romantic at heart and loves weddings. Especially the reception part when champagne is served. Tee hee.
Stay tuned for the meal, the cake, and find out what Herbert gave Fopsie as a wedding gift... all on! You can also find Teddy and Nibs on Facebook.

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  1. What a magnificent tour de force! Teddy pulled it off with style and love. And kudos to our wonderful blogger for sharing this special occasion with us! Thank you so much.