Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fopsie and Herbert Back From Their Honeymoon

May 17, 2011
Fresh of their honeymoon in the Caribbean, Fopsie and Herbert stopped by Teddy and Nibs' pad for a catch up. Naturally, Teddy (a great hostess) served white wine and cashews to her guests.
Teddy thought it was strange how Fopsie and Herbert shared a chair (!) but she chalked it up to their new lovey dovey status.
Teddy was interested in their travels and how they stayed in a 5 star resort with no telephones and freshly squeezed coconut/papaya juice for breakfast. What a life!

Nibs seemed utterly bored by it all and whenever he spoke he asked Herbert about the Lakers loss or how the stock market was doing. Men!
Which honeymoon sounds better: Fopsie's in the Caribbean or Kate Middleton's in the Seychelles? Comment below please.

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  1. I vote for Fopsie's honeymoon. Kate and Wills had to wait - a honeymoon should follow the wedding straight away. It seems SO unromantic to put it off until later.