Thursday, May 26, 2011

Italian Soda and Two Sisters

May 26, 2011
At Teddy's request, Felicia stopped by for a talk. Teddy had some things to go over.
Teddy served Italian soda in her gold cocktail glasses, so fancy! Teddy loves her Italian Soda from Whole Foods.
At first the girls small talked but after an hour Teddy came out with her tough question: "Felicia, do you know that after a month of dating Fopsie, Edward suddenly and suspiciously moved to Hong Kong?"
"Yes, Teddy, I do know that. He went for work. It was sudden, but not suspicious," Felicia responded. She took a chocolate to deal with the stress of Teddy's grilling.
"I just want to warn you that bear can be unpredictable!" said Teddy sounding very older-sister-ish.

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