Monday, May 23, 2011

Coffee and Chocolates With The Newlyweds

May 23, 2011
Teddy and Nibs are having fun getting together with newlyweds Fopsie and Herbert so on Saturday night they had them over for coffee and chocolates.
Teddy thanked Fopsie for her postcard from Maui, Hawaii. What a honeymoon that must have been.
Teddy was a little jealous that they had such a wonderful trip. "Nibs it's been an entire year since we went on our last vacation to Mexico," Teddy hinted.
Nibs didn't get the hint but did remark, "Teddy you didn't put many chocolates out! Are there any more in the kitchen?" There were more, but they weren't in the kitchen. They were in Teddy's tummy!

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  1. I'm a little confused. I thought Fopsie and Herbert had a Caribbean honeymoon. Did they also go to Maui?