Thursday, May 12, 2011

Katy Perry Takes Vanity Fair

May 12, 2011
With Fopsie and Herbert off on their honeymoon, Teddy was left to do her own thing. First things first: she had to check out the Vanity Fair cover of Katy Perry, one of Teddy's fave artists.
The photographs, taken in Paris, are phenomenally great! It looks like a Vogue shoot. Katy has never looked better. Teddy needs to call her makeup artist!
Teddy just can't understand how Katy juggles it all: concerts, press, staying fit, marriage. Teddy can barely put dinner on the table!
And how does Katy deal with a long-distance marriage? After all, Katy is on the road till the fall. When does she get to see new hubby Russell Brand? She claims in the article that there's "never a dull moment" with Russell. Um-hmmm. Seems like there's never a moment period!
This is Teddy's favorite photo, above. It looks so 1940s! Teddy hopes Nibs will take her to Katy's concert when she hits Los Angeles on August 5 through 7....

To read more Katy go to
Vanity Fair (1-year auto-renewal)

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