Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Wedding Shower

May 5, 2011
Instead of throwing a wedding shower at night in some fancy restaurant, Teddy decided on a picnic shower with just a few friends to celebrate Fopsie's last few days as a single bear.
Teddy was the first to give a toast to dear Fops: "To my special furry friend, may Herbert never annoy you like Nibs does me!" A few nervous chuckles followed.
Felicia used this day as an opportunity to tell Fopsie that she was dating the bride-to-be's ex, Edward. Teddy almost fainted onto the cookie platter!
Fopsie very tactfully said, "That's wonderful Felicia, Edward is a great bear and I am so happy for you." Teddy was so unnerved by Felicia's confession that she changed the subject quickly: "Fopsie, when do you and Herbert plan on having cubs?"
"I hadn't thought about cubs yet, Teddy!" said Fopsie. Fopsie's coworker Theodora (who Teddy had never met before) didn't say much, she just sipped her cocktail. Teddy started to think the shower was kind of weird.
Teddy hopes the wedding goes a lot better than this!

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  1. That Teddy! Way to change the subject by moving on to an equally awkward topic! Theodora is probably wondering where these sisters were raised? In a cave?