Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Registry

May 2, 2011
Last night while she was looking over the Los Angeles Times "Select" and having her after-dinner treat composed of coffee and a cookie, Teddy started to wonder if Fopsie, who was getting married on May 7, needed to register for her wedding. Gadzooks!
Teddy just hadn't thought of this before. While she looked over the "Select," which is basically a collection of advertisements for stores such as Cost Plus and Kohl's, Teddy started to wonder where Fops might want to register.
A career girl like Fopsie already had everything. What more could she possibly want? A new China set? Maybe. A Cuisinart? Teddy doesn't even know what those things do (remember, she doesn't cook much). A set of new towels? She will have to consult her sister Felicia on this.
Teddy has really never planned a wedding before and doesn't totally know what she's doing. And this is one subject Nibs cannot help her with. Maybe she should go on some wedding blogs. Have any suggestions?

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  1. Gadzooks is right! Isn't the wedding this week? Maybe a destination wedding is in order. They have some nice places in Las Vegas now.