Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

April 29, 2011
Of course Teddy had to watch the Royal Wedding! She invited her sister Felicia over to take in Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day and discuss all the important things, like Kate's dress, ring, hair... and there was also something Teddy wanted to discuss with Felicia!
William and Kate looked serious during the ceremony. "Felicia, do you ever want to get married?" Teddy asked as a way to lure her sister into a conversation about Edward. "Why yes Teddy, of course," replied Felicia.
Teddy and Felicia were both surprised that Kate was given such a thin gold band. "Felicia would you want to wear a band when you marry Edward?" Teddy asked. Not very subtle! "Teddy, what are you talking about?" asked a shocked Felicia.
The bears turned their attention away from the wedding to talk. "I saw Edward putting his paw on your knee the other night," said Teddy. "Tee hee, he did!" said Felicia. "And he asked me out on a date!"
"Felicia, I had no idea you would be attracted to a bear like Edward," said Teddy. "I should have matchmade the two of you sooner! Sorry I didn't think of you earlier." TEDDY SAID SHE WAS SORRY! STOP THE PRESSED. "It's OK Teddy," said the always understanding Felicia. "But let's not tell Fopsie till after her wedding to Herbert next week."
As the sisters sat together watching the rest of the royal splash, they bonded like they never have before. Felicia had a new bear in her life. Teddy finally told someone she was "sorry." Big changes. Teddy could relate to Kate, who was experiencing some big changes herself that very same day: in one hour she went from commoner to princess. Change is good.

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  1. Nicely played. I guess some of Kate and William's mature behavior has had an effect on Teddy. Now the royal nuptials are over, we can concentrate on the really BIG wedding of the year.