Monday, April 11, 2011

Britney Spears Is A Femme Fatale!

April 11, 2011
In an effort to make Teddy's day, Nibs surprised his bear with a gift. The way he settled on the present was to think of the most hideous, loathsome and tacky new product on the market. That's how he stumbled upon Britney Spears' new album Femme Fatale.
BINGO! Teddy absolutely loved the CD! "Nibs, I have been wanting to purchase Britney's new album for a while, how did you know I needed this?" she asked. "Teddy, I just had a feeling," was all Nibs was willing to say.
Teddy said Britney's song "Hold It Against Me" was one of her new faves and she couldn't wait to play it in their Benz. "Teddy, maybe only play this CD when you are home alone so that you can completely appreciate all of its qualities," said the clever Nibs.
"This summer Britney will be touring and I think we should go to her L.A. stop at the Staples Center," said Teddy. Now his wifie had just gone too far! She clearly had no clue that Nibs was not a Britney fan...

Nibs left the room, while Teddy looked over her new prezzie. That Nibs, he always knows what to get her! Check out the play list below for Femme Fatale.

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  1. Nibs thought he had Teddy all figured out but Teddy is too clever to be predictable.