Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Take Me To Tiffany's!

April 6, 2011
Ahhh, another visit to Tiffany & Co. in Beverly Hills. This time Teddy was shopping for a wedding gift for Fopsie and Herbert.
What to get, what to get? There were so many things that looked just perfect for Teddy, like this new lock pendant she saw in the store's window.
Teddy felt like Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's peering in the windows. All she needed was a cup of coffee and a buttery croissant and a case of the "mean reds" to make the scene complete.
Once inside Teddy perused the crystal bowls and candlesticks. Teddy knows that Fopsie leans toward more traditional pieces. Nothing too modern.
Or maybe Fops would like a cheese plate? Teddy hopes that as a married bear she'll have more dinner parties. She hasn't been entertaining much...
After a few hours of lolling around Tiffany's, Teddy finally made a purchase! You'll have to wait till the big wedding day on May 7 to discover what Teddy settled on. :)

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