Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cooking Time

April 21, 2011
This evening Teddy is going to have Edward over for dinner to discuss how she can "matchmake" him. This is a lot of pressure for our little bear because she's not the best cook. Her first step was to see what she had in her cupboards.
Mac 'n' Cheese is one of Teddy's favorites, but it is not the type of meal you serve to guests. Pasta could be an option, but that's just too simple.... Hmmm.
 All Teddy could find in the next cupboard was Chocolate Chip cookie mix from Betty Crocker. Teddy wanted to make those yummy cookies right away and dunk them in milk. You see how easily Teddy gets sidetracked?
The fridge didn't help Teddy's dilemma out any. In fact, it looked like a mess! That's it, Teddy needs to go to Trader Joe's!
 Well, at least Teddy had enough wine in her wine cabinet. At least one thing was in good supply!

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