Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dinner

April 25, 2011
On Saturday night Teddy had Edward over for dinner to discuss matchmaking him with a lovely bear. After all, he was sad and lonely since his split from Fopsie and he needed help. She also invited her sister Felicia too to round out the group.
Nibs was relieved that Teddy had ordered Chinese food from Wok On Fire on La Cienega Blvd. and not attempted to cook herself. You may recall that she once food-poisoned poor Nibs with some rotten pasta dish!
Teddy started talking to Edward about the type of bear he wanted to date. Her questions were specific, like what color fur he preferred and if a college education was required. Teddy thought she was being very dutiful in her matchmaking research.
It seemed like Teddy was doing all the talking! Felicia was very quiet, almost shy around Edward. And Edward just stared at his food. Teddy wasn't really sure what was going on. Her normally acute bear instincts must have been on hiatus.
Had Teddy's matchmaking skills dwindled? Was her dinner a bomb? Teddy was starting to think either the Chinese food was so delicious that no one wanted to chit chat or that she had lost her hostessing talents completely.
The dinner dragged on forever this way and Teddy wanted to scream. But she didn't. She just nibbled on her Chinese food like everyone else.


  1. What kind of color fur preferred? How delightful (and funny to a non bear like me). I love the details of your blog. Also I detect a match might be right under Teddy's nose. Could Felicia's shyness be a sign of interest in Edward? Perhaps Teddy's instincts to invite her were more on target than she realizes!!

  2. thanks Felicia! Teddy doesn't know what she's doing this time around.... her bear instincts are out of whack. Poor Teddy. There is a surprise in store for her.