Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jennifer Aniston In Beverly Hills

April 7, 2011
After Teddy's shopping expedition at Tiffany & Co., she strode through the Beverly Canon Gardens, a public park built between the two towers that make up The Montage. Teddy once saw Jennifer Aniston walking through the Gardens on her way to the restaurant Buchon, nested in the North tower. She was wearing a tight black dress and had 4 inch heels and was alone (she doesn't have a Nibs in her life, sad for her!).
The gardens have a Mediterranean influence that make Teddy feel like she's in Florence or Madrid. Teddy loves to feel like she's in Europe! Too bad Teddy didn't see any celebrities today, but Teddy doesn't really like celebrities so it wasn't a big deal.
What Teddy likes most about the park is that it has two colors: green and beige. This calms Teddy's frayed nerves. Also, Teddy likes that she blends into the beige limestone. That way her "fans" (which she thinks she has!) don't bombard her while she's trying to relax. That Teddy!
Can you guess Teddy's very favorite part of the Gardens? The fountains! Teddy is obsessed with these water spewers ever since she saw the film Three Coins In A Fountain, lushly filmed in Rome, Italy. Ann-Margret starred. And like a true romantic, every time she sees a fountain, she throws in a coin.
Maybe the next time Jennifer is in Beverly Canon Gardens she should drop a coin in one of their many fountains, like this weird multi spout configuration. Not that the actress needs any help. But Teddy truly feels that no girl can be totally happy unless she has a "Nibs" around. Oh no! Does Teddy want to match make Jennifer too? You bet!

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  1. Jennifer and Edward? Two (love) birds with one stone?!